5 ways you can convince your boss you need an online marketing strategy.

When we look at sales prospects we look at our target clients and how we can deliver and add value to their business by providing our products or services. Cold calling is no longer the best way or only way to access your target client base.

convince your boss

Targeting your client base via online strategies is the ideal way to expand your sales pipeline as well as reach a client base that might not have been developed using a sales team.

Here Webics suggest ways to convince your boss that you need an online marketing strategy.

Dipping your toes in the digital water doesn’t equal success!

In business we make plans and goals of what success we would like to achieve, in digital marketing the same strategic analysis is required and a plan must be developed on what you are looking to get out of your advertising.

Some businesses believe that by spreading themselves across all online mediums is a strong online marketing strategy. It takes research and time to achieve a successful digital strategy for your business whether it is having the top position on Google around your related keywords or a strong social media profile.

Providing enough valuable resourcing to support your digital strategy is key to its success. If your competitors have a strong online presence it could see your business lose valuable market share.

Maximise your brand name like the big boys do.

We recognise big brands because they are constantly advertising across all mediums, especially via digital media. Brands create online strategies to ensure that consumers don’t forget their brands names and they are always at the forefront of their mind. SMEs are also jumping on the online revolution and maximising their businesses products and services in search engines, blogs, email marketing, social media, online classifieds, banners and more.

big business small business

Expand your client base outside of your local area.

Your online strategy should see you develop business beyond your local network and could be the difference between your business stepping up to the next level and growing or staying stagnate where it is.

Do you know your clients both online and offline?

What you promote online will compliment your offline marketing activities and what you market offline will compliment your online strategies. Even if your business is completely online you need to think about your digital strategies to compliment as just having an online business isn’t enough to bring you new clients.

Don’t have a huge marketing budget? Don’t stress because digital is more cost effective solution!

Online marketing is actually a more cost effective solution to marketing than print ort other more traditional forms of media. Online marketing can give you a presence to clients that you might not have reached if you had have only promoted your business via print (newspaper or magazines).

The cost of printing these days is astronomical compared to the development costs it takes to get your online strategy up and running. Online marketing allows you to stretch your marketing budget further as well as reach a larger pool of people.

Your online strategy is best discussed with a professional digital marketing agency to ensure you are moving in the right direction for your business.


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