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Why Your Business Needs a Great ‘About Page’

The business world has always been an intensely competitive market. Now, as businesses take their marketing online, it’s grown more competitive than ever. Fortunately, the ...
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viral marketing

How Upworthy and BuzzFeed are Masters of Viral Marketing

Dr. Ralph F. Wilson explains the term viral marketing as “any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the ...
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Hook Readers through Killer Headlines!

You have crafted your best ever blog post yet you still aren’t getting the attention that you SHOULD be getting! The attention span of others ...
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unsubscribe button

How to Lose Subscribers and Discourage Buyers

Want to write horrible blog posts and drive even the most loyal subscribers to un-subscribe and/or stop doing business with you? We have compiled a ...
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How often should my business blog?

You have been given the job of writing for your business and are unsure of exactly what you need to commit, what frequency you will ...
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