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Ranking for Long Tail Keywords

Does your SEO strategy include ranking for long tail keywords? It should. Today’s online world is very competitive, with new businesses popping up seemingly overnight ...
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Is SEO Dead?

It’s a social world. Digital media is the wave of the future and businesses are capitalising on that fact more than ever. From video to ...
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Should you switch to https?

Should you switch to https?

Google said it as many as three years ago, but the SEO world is abuzz once again with the topic. Is moving to https a ...
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Should Your Website Use a Pop-Up? Google Says No

We’ve all seen it before: you’re browsing a website, reading an interesting article, when suddenly a huge, intrusive pop-up appears, blocking the content. These pop-ups ...
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How Long Tail Keywords Can Transform Your Business

                            Using the right SEO keywords is an integral part of bringing ...
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An SEO Timeline: What to Expect

“Instantly boost your rankings! Hit Google’s front page overnight! 7 days to SEO success!” Have you ever been promised a remarkable result like those above? ...
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How to Tell a Reputable Web Marketing Agency from a Fishy “SEO Company”

If you’re in business in this day and age, you probably know the pandemonium that surrounds SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. Well, there’s a reason ...
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A Basic Guide to Understanding How Google Ranks Your Website

At Webics, one of our primary services for our clients is Search Engine Optimisation, better known as SEO. At its heart, SEO strategy increases traffic ...
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Have Your Rankings Changed? This Could Be Why

Have you noticed any changes in your Google ranking over the past month? If so, you’re not alone. Countless webmasters began to notice unusual shifts ...
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