Google Master Class

Connection and Innovation at Google’s Sydney Masterclass

Google’s Changes

Google AdWords has been updated just over 1000 times in the last 12 months, according to Google. Incredibly, that amounts to nearly 3 updates per day! This is just one of the many things that Google representatives spoke to the Google Partners about at a recent master class held in Dolton House, Sydney.

Those AdWords updates represent 1000 significant changes which affect how your business interacts with AdWords and how your money should be spent, and Google expects you to keep up with it (which, understandably, presents quite a challenge!) But this is exactly what Google’s master class was all about. As the world of marketing grows increasingly more complex, companies like Webics can assist small business to effectively manage their web marketing campaigns, allowing you, the business owner, to focus solely on the successful running of your business.

At the master class, Google unveiled some interesting features which they have brought in to help agencies better manage your business website, including new, innovative tracking technology which will demonstrate that your ads truly are getting you those desired phone calls and emails, and to affirm you are getting a ‘bang for your buck’ by being on the Google network.

Google Master Class

My Experience

My time up at the event was not solely focused on learning new methods and information regarding web marketing; I also had the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals working in various industries. Yes, we are all, in theory, competitors, but I relished the chance to learn and connect with people who share my same passions and interests. The experience was amazing. The people I encountered at the Google master class were smart, interesting, and driven, and I certainly made some great connections. I can guarantee there will be people I see again and communicate with through channels like Google+.

Being a part of the ‘Google down under’ community only available to Google partners, I witnessed a lot of interaction going on between attendees, and found there to be many professionals who were helpful and informed–always proactive with assisting other members. This is a wonderful community to which Webics is so fortunate to belong.

The highlight of the master class experience was listening to Dave Booth present the whole event with the help of the Google team. It was truly beneficial to hear from the perspective of a web marketing company, as their team has faced many of the same challenges, quandaries, and obstacles that our company has faced and will faced in the years to come. Overall, the Google team did a phenomenal job organising the whole day and I’m sincerely grateful to the many individuals who worked behind the scenes to make all of this possible.


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