5 Ways to Create Evergreen Content

There are a lot of maxims about writing content, it seems.

“Content is king.”

“Keywords are everything.”

“Keywords don’t matter.”

“It’s all about the call to action.”

What is the truth?

The truth is, fads about online marketing and business strategies come and go, but despite constant changes in technology, one thing has never changed: the importance of writing relevant, meaningful content that provides something to your readers/customers. Because this one element never shifts, it is vital to be sure that all content created for your organisation is well-written, fits your brand and message, and that much of it will stand the test of time. To generate content that will be read and shared for the long haul, you’ll want to spend some time crafting exceptional evergreen content for your business website.

What is ‘evergreen content?’

Evergreen content is that which is always relevant, useful, and which is never dated or no longer of interest/import. To understand it better, it may be easier to grasp what non-evergreen content includes. Non-evergreen blogs and pieces that focus on current news stories, trends of the upcoming year or season, or pop culture. In essence, these are things which are bound to change or becoming irrelevant. Evergreen content, however, never changes and will speak to readers and customers for years to come. It is timeless, classic even. For a business or a blog, evergreen content ensures your audience and your expert influence continues unmitigated by supplying a steady stream of traffic.

So, how do you create evergreen content for a business? Here are 5 ideas:

1. Write the ultimate how-to for beginners.

There will always be beginners and folks new to your field. No matter your industry, establish yourself as an expert with a practical, understandable how-to guide of some kind. If you’re a business selling specific products, you can create excellent content detailing a common “how to” for your industry and showing how best to use your products. This provides real help for your readers and gives you the chance to subtly market your products as well. A win-win for sure.

2. Address the constant questions.

If you’re writing blog posts, it is easy to get stuck now and again as you generate topics. Why not consider a post which addresses your most frequently asked questions? This is a perfect opportunity to develop evergreen content. The questions you will answer are those you find customers asking most often, and these responses will stand the test of time and drive your traffic.

3. Comprehensive posts win.

Knocking out a simple news post or update is easy, but these often end up being the type of content which is quickly irrelevant or uninteresting. Be sure some of your content marketing strategy involves writing lengthy pieces that dive into a concept in great depth. Statistics show that traffic over time is much greater for those detailed, thoroughly-researched posts. These end up being tremendous resources for Internet users and have the added benefit of longevity to add to their authority as a source.

4. Stick to the big picture.

Though this might seem contrary to tip #3, the truth is, in-depth posts about a specific topic are useful, but so are “big-picture” pieces that everyone can relate to. Depending on your industry, expounding on universal truths, human nature, or adding a bit of humour can go far in turning everyday content into evergreen pieces that are timeless and unforgettable.

5. Update old content.

Evergreen content doesn’t necessarily get outdated, but it is important to continually update this kind of post to make sure all included information is just as relevant. You may also find new and better methods or products which you will want to share with your readers. Updating your content is also a great opportunity to give it another share on social media.

Need assistance creating outstanding evergreen content? Our team at Webics is here to help.


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