How often should my business blog?

You have been given the job of writing for your business and are unsure of exactly what you need to commit, what frequency you will need to post or what you need to write to achieve the best results.

How do you do it? Do you write every month, every week or every day and what is blog writing for your company going to see your business achieve?

Before you can successfully blog for your business you will need to determine the reason why you are blogging and what the goals are that you hope to achieve.

If you are blogging to achieve a better SEO ranking, to add more content to your website and to convert traffic then you will need to assure that you are blogging frequently.

Quality content is Key!

Content is key when it comes to search engine optimisation and for your blogging to assist you in this area your content will need to be interesting to read and relevant to your readers!

Research has shown the key times to post on your blog to ensure that you are getting seen.

When blogging for page views the best time is thought to be on Monday’s between 8am and 11am, whereas if you are blogging for engagement on your blog the best time is thought to be on Saturday’s between 8am and 11am

I blog for my business every few weeks, am I doing it right?

NO! If you are only posting every few weeks then you are not a serious business blogger and to be honest your time would be better spent focusing on the areas of the business you do have time for. Time, research and content creation is a serious part of your digital presence and online marketing strategy, so if you are only blogging every now and again you may as well give up now!

Blogging needs to be measured and if you aren’t tracking the days between your blog posts then there is no clear strategy in place.

Fresh content every few days is sure to generate me results!

Excellent now you are getting the idea! Blogging for your business is a strategic online partnership between your readers, followers and clients who are going to your blog to review your content.

Blogging every few days will also assist you with page ranking, ensuring that the content on your website has new fresh and quality material and it will (hopefully) have others sharing your posts and adding their opinions on your area of expertise.

It can take some time to see results when blogging 8 – 20 posts per month; however you will start seeing results!

Got something to say 7 days a week?

This is where you start to become serious about your business blog! Blogging daily you will be recongised, by followers as a professional in your field and by search engines.

Blogging daily takes time, resources and money but is an excellent online content marketing strategy for businesses looking to build traffic and sales.

This status takes some time to build up, but once you are there you will need to maintain the frequency and quality of the posts to ensure that your faithful followers stay true to your blog.

When planning your business blog you need to ask yourself if you have the time, the resources available and if you have the ability to provide your followers with interesting content.


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