Hook Readers through Killer Headlines!


You have crafted your best ever blog post yet you still aren’t getting the attention that you SHOULD be getting!

The attention span of others to your high quality content is dragging you down; don’t worry because you are not alone! This common issue can be troublesome for even the best budding bloggers and freelance writers out there.

Fortunately for you, there’s a few things you can start doing now to see better conversation rates from your content. We all want our content to be bookmark-friendly as well as being worthy of sharing through social media platforms. Perhaps your content isn’t triggering any interest from the start, which can indicate that your article headlines aren’t enticing your target readers.

If a reader is not moved by the headlines of an article, chances are they’ll lose interest right then and there.

So how do you get out of the woods and create eye-catching headlines that pop?

How To Create A Catchy Headline

It always pays to proofread!

Go over your headlines again and again before you post anything to your website, blog, directory, or to any other platform online. Ask yourself whether your headlines arouse the right sentiments you want your reader to feel, like curiosity, excitement, or even nostalgia.

Plus, you should also question whether your headlines are too long, overly wordy or lacks substance.

Consider new headlines as your opportunity to sell your content to a targeted online audience.

If you’re still struggling to narrow-in on that golden headline for your article, you can find more inspiration in these following tips!

Having A Little Writer’s Block?

Your headlines have to stand out online, but they must signal to readers that your content adds value in some way. Value Matters! People want to read something they can apply to their everyday life, job, and even future entrepreneurial dreams.

Your headline needs to sell that value to them, but you don’t need to go overboard either. Even simple headlines like “5 Mistakes That Can Kill Your SEO” can go a long way!

A simple way to inspire yourself is through simply picking out words that pop. Take a look at the headlines of popular articles you like. What kind of wording is used to capture readers’ interest? Start simple with words like “effective”, “fun”, “New”, “Need”, “top”, and more!

You must target a particular audience. If you aren’t catering to the audience you want to reach, your headline may risk being too general and even uninteresting. Furthermore, it won’t convey an authoritative grasp on the topic, which is critical for gaining readership from your targeted audience. Even if you’re content proves you know your stuff, your lackluster headline can be a huge detractor for you.

Don’t over-complicate your headlines by adding too many points. Of course you want to create killer headlines to make perfect sense with the article’s content, but you have to steer clear from writing headlines that are far too long and confusing. That forces potential readers to flee the minute they read them.


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