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3 Highly Effective Benefits of Tracking Your Online Performance

What can be measured can be improved upon. This is the primary goal of tracking your online performance – improvement.

If you improve the performance of your website because you know what is going on behind the front end, you will grow your business not only in terms of traffic but also in terms of conversions.

However, allow me to get into the specifics and tell you why you should be tracking your online performance. Here are my three highly effective benefits of tracking online performance:

You will remove your Invisibility Cloak

Every business entrepreneur knows that web visibility is very important to online businesses. It is the springboard to getting more customers. Nonetheless, you can be visible only when you have a top ranking website.

One way to improve your ranking is to monitor certain metrics that affect your online visibility. Some of these metrics include: channels to get to your site, period of time that a visitor stays on your site, bounce rate and exit rate.

Engaging content helps retain potential customers and makes first time visitors come back time and again. Knowing how long visitors spend on your website and where they are spending their time will tell you what is engaging your audience. If visitors are exiting certain pages immediately, you’ll know that something is lacking and that you need to improve this page.

By working through these issues you will be able to throw off your invisibility cloak and stand proud in the rankings. So track your online performance, read the metrics and improve and you’ll see your search engine optimisation efforts paying off.

People will love you more

Usability refers to the overall website interface and how it can easily be navigated by visitors. It is actually one big issue that you can address by tracking your online performance.

If there are pages in your website that are not easy to navigate then the issues will show up in your reports. It can be easy for experts to look at your site and judge usability but for mere mortals, you can use Google Analytics to see what pages can be improved.

Since the revamp of Google’s algorithm, the search giant has put a very high premium on website usability. This premium was placed in order to combat spam blogs or spam niche sites with fairly awful content, terrible loading times and mainly un-navigable pages.

Serving your target audience by providing a website that is easy to navigate through is one of the best ways to make potential customers fall in love with you and have them coming back for more.

You will be rewarded

You need to know which pages are most visited. With this statistic alone, you can improve the page so that you keep them interested and wanting to get to know you.

Likewise, knowing which pages are most visited will help you decide on what to do with on-page optimisation. So you can make the page even more popular and create targeted relevant content.

Additionally, this metric will help you decide what to post on your blog in the future. Thus you are creating posts that are adequately serving your audience.

With quality targeted content you will get more visitors. More visitors mean more potential customers and if you show your potential customers a good time they will convert and they will reward you for your efforts.

The takeaway here is that Google (and other search engines) is getting smarter with every algorithm revamp. What worked before will not work today. That is why you should track your online performance. When you do, there is a wealth of information that you can gather in order to implement changes which will not only improve your website but will also benefit your business.

With the data provided by Webics, your business will not miss a thing.


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