Converting Website Traffic – Our Top 10 Tips!

Directing visitors to your website can be easy, keeping them there and getting them to convert is the hard part. Here we will give you the top 10 tips for converting traffic on your website.

  1. Crawlability – Can your website be seen and read by search engines? Google, MSN and Yahoo? These three search engines make up 95% of search engine searches so it is important to have these seeing and reading your webpages. Once your website is created you will need to submit your website to search engines for the spiders will crawl your website looking for links (in and outbound), images, alternate text, content and fancy fonts, headings and titles.

  2. Relevancy – When we read a website that we are interested in what keeps us there is the relevancy of the content right? The same thing should go when developing your own website and reaching out to an audience. You want the content to be relevant, easy to read and answer any questions that the visitor may have i.e. what you can do for them?

  4. Set up Conversion tracking – Google AdWords has conversion tracking tools that allow webmasters to monitor the status of their website traffic, the clicks and conversions that your website receives. Conversion tracking allows the webmaster to see where clicks are coming from.

  6. Use Google Analytics – Google Analytics can show webmasters how visitors find your website. It will allow you to drill down into search terms and find out what pages are converting. Google Analytics add JavaScript code to the pages on your website, when people visit pages this JavaScript code executes the tracking operation for analytics to work.

  8. Have your SEO executed by a professional – If you want your click through rates to be higher you will need to engage in the services of a professional and reputable SEO company that will focus on engine optimisation techniques that will ensure better results and higher conversions.

  10. Call to Actions – What is the use of a website without a call to action? We all want sales but if a visitor cannot find an easy way to contact you then there is no point in promoting your website. You need to have an easy to find and easy to use contact form, have contact numbers easy to find on pages and email addresses present.  Adding a call to action on each page if an excellent idea, so the visitor can find your information via the page they land on they can take action immediately.

  12. Name URL’s and Page Headings – It is important to focus on content, but there is no point on having quality content without using your keywords in your page URL’s and page headings. Ensure that you also use sub headings throughout the page that feature your keyword is imperative. Search engines will recognise this as important and relevant content indexing your website as a site of higher importance over those that do not have this information.

  14. Pay-per-click advertising – is an excellent way of getting seen on SERP’s. Information used in this advertising can be changed and updated as often as necessary and so ads stay relevant and current. You can customise PPC advertising around keywords and pages that you are looking to drive traffic towards. For instance a storage facility also has a removalist arm. Having PPC advertising for the removalist arm can drive traffic to your website gaining further conversions in that area.

  16. Understand your target market – Know your audience, your target market and who will buy off you. You need to understand your business demographic and present your website content to them as though you are personally having a conversation with them. If they are engaged by what they see and read then they will proceed to call to action – no one wants to get caught up in hard to engage in websites.

  18. Converting above the fold – When a visitor arrives on your websites landing page it is important for them to gain the information that they require in that first glance and to also offer them a call to action all before they have to scroll. A great way of doing this is by using contact forms, or contact buttons.


By following these 10 steps you should be on a successful road to converting website traffic into real-life turnover.


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