Help! Which e-commerce platform is right for me?

As many businesses decide the take the big leap to selling online, one question that often arises is which e-commerce platform is right for them?

You’ll be surprised by how many different types of e-commerce platforms are out there – and most serve their own niche and purpose. However, there is a few that do stand out from among the rest. We take a look at three of our favourite e-commerce platforms, and why they may be the right one for you!

Diverse, Reliable & Simple: Shopify

Shopify has been a stand-out favourite for many retailers, but why? Its impressive features, including fast loading times, stability and low-cost (or free) designer themes make it an easy choice for your business. Plus the basic plans start from a low monthly fee or you can choose to have 24/7 support through the Shopify Plus plan.

However, its beautiful simplicity does come at a cost. Customising a Shopify’s theme can be limited, and if you really want to customise the site you will need to upgrade the Shopify Plus which starts at approximately $2000 per month.

Ultimately, Shopify is perfect for small retailers who are starting out or businesses who are adding an online store to their current business functions and don’t have complex requirements.

Powerful, Flexible & Customisable: WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most popular platforms for online merchants than any other. Its designed to be customisable so that you have full control over all aspects of customer experience. WooCommerce also offers plenty of free themes that will get you started on the right track and is easily integrated with WordPress.

The cons? Well, you’ll notice higher maintenance costs because WooCommerce updates frequently to secure the platform, plus it doesn’t have the same amount of plugin options as you would with Shopify.

So if you’re a small to medium-sized business who needs a bit more flexibility than Shopify this would be the right platform for you!

Big, Bold & International: Magento

This highly-customisable platform has been favoured by medium to large businesses across the globe. What makes Magento stand out is its ability to have a multi-store configuration. What’s that you ask? A multi-store configuration is specially designed to sell internationally or to create a wholesale store. Magento is highly flexible that you can design the site to meet your specific requirements.

Who would benefit from using the Magento platform? Mostly medium to large retailers who want total control over platform integrations and customer experience, as well as retailers who are operating on a large international scale.

So there you have it! We recommend you evaluate what your needs are and budget before deciding, but if you need a hand you’re welcome to give us a call!


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