Google AdWords – Secrets to Success

google adwords success

More businesses are putting a significant amount of money into paid advertising online, but the key to succeed in your PPC campaigns is in the set up and if this part of the online strategy isn’t done correctly it can break a business rather than make it.

Paid search gives businesses access to an audience that is different to that from organic search and that is imperative to maximising business leads and potential clients.

There are lots of options when it comes to paid advertising, and as Google is the biggest service out there for paid ads it is good to put some of your online marketing budget and attention into creating effective campaigns on Google AdWords.

Due to the competitive nature of the campaigns on Google businesses need to make sure that the quality of campaigns and ads are made up of great material – otherwise your business might fail to launch.

Keywords are Critical

The keywords that you choose in your AdWords campaigns are critical to your pay per click advertising success. Choosing the most suitable keywords for your business and market takes time and research.

There are quite a few keyword research tools available out there that can help you with this job, some even go so far as provide you with data such as search volume, competition and cost per click.

One of the favourites is the AdWords Keyword Tool. The AdWords keyword tool can help you to find keywords based on words, phrases and categories. It is simple to use and accessible online.

Broad is Not Always Best!

Using broad match keywords won’t always ensure targeted traffic. This match type is likely to result in traffic from search phrases that are not tightly related to your product or service. In some cases, businesses have exhausted their budgets on clicks that have nothing to do with the business at all.

If you are trying to keep the keywords within your ad groups tight and constantly relevant you should consider using only exact match or exact match and phrase match.

Have a Negative Attitude!

Choosing your keywords can be daunting, however you also need to be clear on the keywords that you don’t want your ads to shows up for. Some negative keywords that you might like to consider using are   -DIY, REVIEW, HOW TO, JOBS and FREE.

Keyword Rich Ad Text

You are ready to write your ad text just don’t forget to include your keywords. By including keywords in your ad text you are ensuring that the ads returned to users are relevant.

A perfect example of this would be if a user was seeking out toys in Sydney for Children and they searched for ads relating to “Children’s Toys Sydney” by creating an ad without the keyword “TOYS” you can see that it wouldn’t benefit your business as no one is going to click on the ad. Be relevant and clear on what you are offering when writing your ad text.

Capture Leads on Your Landing Page!

Paying close attention to this area as when setting up your AdWords campaigns as users need to land on a page that is relevant to the ad that they have clicked on.

There is no point in directing users to your businesses Home Page as it will not provide the user with relevant information to capture the sale. Don’t expect your users to navigate their way around your website looking for relevant services to your ad; deliver it to them when they land on your website immediately.

Tracking and Optimisation

Don’t think you can set up your AdWords campaigns and sit back and wait for the sales to roll in. Adwords requires advertisers to optimise their accounts on at least a weekly basis.

There are other key areas to achieving success with your Google AdWords campaigns which include your budget, location targeting, conversion tracking, effective call to actions and analytics integration.

Achieving successful DIY AdWords campaigns is a possibility – it does take hard work and doesn’t happen overnight. However if it all becomes too overwhelming you can always work with a Google AdWords Certified Partner to ensure Adwords the best paid advertising results.


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