How to Use YouTube Ads to Boost Your Business


It may come as no surprise that YouTube is the number one site for streaming content in Australia. Since its inception, YouTube has grown exponentially, becoming the third most trafficked site across the world. With an incredible global reach like this, more and more businesses are taking advantage and making the smart choice to advertise on YouTube, and you could be one of them.

YouTube’s Amazing Influence

When Australians go online to watch videos, they head to YouTube. The total streams from YouTube surpass other streaming websites by hundreds of thousands of individual streams. More than 10 million people in Australia use YouTube, or approximately 77% of all those users viewing videos online. Over the month of December 2014, the average Australian spent more than 5 hours watching YouTube videos. This coincides with the ever-increasing amount of time Internet users are spending online in general. From music videos to comedy to informational videos, YouTube offers billions of streams, and has become a major part of the Internet experience. YouTube isn’t just for young people, either. In fact, over 66% of YouTube users in Australia are adults over the age of 35. It is clear that YouTube has a massive, global reach, and attracts viewers of all ages.

Effective, Targeted Advertising

The undeniable reach of YouTube, and its influence among all age demographics demonstrates its strength as one of today’s top advertising mediums. According to YouTube’s own published statistics, over one million advertisers are advertising via YouTube using Google ad platforms, and most of these advertisers are small businesses.

Businesses of all kinds are beginning to understand the value of YouTube advertising. This method is results-driven, simple, and can be exceedingly cost-effective. With Cost-Per-View (CPV) video content, you pay only when YouTube viewers choose to watch your ad. This means money only comes out of your pocket when your advertising videos are getting watched and noticed. This is a great way to ensure your investment is really working; you won’t be paying for unwatched ads.

Unlike traditional television advertisements, YouTube allows you the advantage of carefully targeting your ads to reach the demographics you’re seeking. By using Google Adwords, you can bring targeted customers to your video advertisements, based on their searches and the related YouTube content. Because YouTube is an “on demand” viewing service, tracking viewer demographics is so much easier, and you have a much greater opportunity to target the precise type of individuals who are likely to seek your product or service.

Wondering when to post your video advertisements? Any time! Many businesses find that prime opportunities for targeted ad videos include new product launches, when rebranding, when your major sales season is beginning, and much more. If you’re ready to learn more, check out YouTube’s guide to advertising.

Professional Assistance

The process of building YouTube ads can be as straightforward or as complex as you make it. Truly successful advertising strategies, however, take the most effort and attention. If you’re looking to make the most of advertising with YouTube, Webics can help. We are a Google Partner, which gives us unique access and expertise with these platforms. As a focused online marketing company, we have the manpower and resources to thoroughly manage your web marketing efforts. Together, we’ll make your YouTube video advertising campaign a success, reaching the customers you want to reach. Contact us today to get started.

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