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AdWords for Video & TrueView Video

Telling your story and growing your business at the same time with video advertising

Online video has completely changed the way we the internet is used, now it is changing the way businesses promote themselves to targeted users.

YouTube is where at least 800 million internet users discover things they want to know or did not know existed, a minimum of three times per month. A huge number of businesses have found that as the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube is the best way to build targeted brand awareness.

What is AdWords For Video?

This post aims to explain what AdWords For Video is and how it works. Perhaps you have filmed a promotional video about your business in a similar format to a TV ad. AdWords for video allows you to place your video at the top of YouTube search results for keywords relating to your business. AdWords For Video is also linked to the Google Display Network, so you can promote your video and your business on the websites that your target audience are likely to visit.

With AdWords For Video, you will only pay for the advertising you really receive. Unless somebody clicks on and watches your video you will not be charged a thing. This is called pay-per-view (PPV) advertising.

What is TrueView video?

TrueView video is an advertising system in which users choose whether they would like to watch your video or not. Every AdWords For Video ad uses the TrueView video system. Whilst users are already searching for or viewing content related to your message, there are four ways in which they may be given the opportunity to watch your video.

  • TrueView in-stream:This is when a video ad is played before, during or after a video. These ads only play on videos from YouTube partners, so you know your brand will only be associated with high-quality content. After the first five seconds of your video, users are given the option of watching the rest of your video or skipping it and getting back to what they were watching.
  • TrueView in-search: This is paid search marketing for videos. When users search for your chosen keyword, your sponsored listing can appear in the first results. Again, with this TrueView option you only pay when somebody chooses to watch your video. The benefit of this option is that users discover your video while they are already searching for similar videos.
  • TrueView in-slate: Just like in-stream, in-slate ensures that your videos are associated with high-quality content by giving users the option of viewing them while they are watching videos from YouTube partners. When watching videos longer than ten minutes, users are given the option of three video ads or regular ad breaks.
  • TrueView in-display: This option is when your videos are advertised on the same page as YouTube videos which are relevant to your message. This TureView option is also closely tied with the Google Display Network, you ads may also appear on videos all over the web, so as your target market spend time surfing the internet away from YouTube, you can expose them to more of your content and create even greater brand awareness.

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