Is your brand up to scratch for the online world?

So, you’ve got a logo on your website, but is that really enough? When we refer to the word brand it’s actually a more holistic perspective on the relationship between the business and an audience. Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos perfectly explains it:

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

It may be time to consider whether your logo and brand are truly reflecting what you want your business to represent. To get to the true essence of your brand, conducting research and developing your business goals, values, culture and target audience is essential to getting to the core of your brand and inspiration for your logo design.

Why does this matter? Unfortunately, a logo alone cannot push customers to buy your product. Many think that their target market simply sees the logo and buys whatever product or service you are selling. But that isn’t the case. It’s the actual experiences that customers have had through your website, the voice they heard on your social media channels or the impressions they seen in the media that have contributed to your brand’s equity. And this can result in a favorable, or even unfavorable, connotations with your brand.

What are some tangible ways you can improve your brand’s perception to your target audience online?

Firstly, start by investigating your current visual identity – logo, fonts, colour scheme and brand style guides. Does it match what you want your brand to represent? The last thing you want is an immature font style for a corporate brand or a logo that looks like it’s made with WordArt.

Next, look at your online presence. Do you have a professional up-to-date website that’s easy to navigate and matches your visual identity? (consistency is key!) Do you regularly update your social media channels and engage with your audience on a regular basis? If not, it’s time to get typing and build your online community!

Also, it’s important to monitor any reviews on Google and other review sites such as Tripadvisor. Whilst you may be tempted to delete any negative reviews, recognise it as a good opportunity to see if your business has any shortcoming in your product or services and make any improvements. Also acknowledging reviewers for their reviews is vital so that next time a potential customer sees the review they will see that your business is making a conscious effort to provide the best possible service.

So there you have it! The best brands utilize all of these features to give the best customer experience. As always if you need a hand with your brand in the digital world, just give us a call!



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