Business Brand Photography

Business Brand Photography: Why Every Business Needs Professional Photos

Fact: Images Get Attention

The power of visual content to engage consumers and help them process information cannot be ignored. If you consider that 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual and 65% of the population are visual learners, it makes sense that visual content should be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

Visual content includes images, videos, memes, illustrations and infographics. All have their place in the promotion of your business, but there is one rule that applies to all forms; visual content must be original and high-quality. And this is why professional photography is important for business. If you want to create brand awareness, enhance the design of your website and communicate effectively with your audience, professional photography can help your business.

Benefits of Professional Photography For Your Business

When it comes to marketing budgets, it’s easy to consider professional photography as non-essential. Some businesses think it’s easy enough to take their own photos or use stock photos. While these two are options are certainly easy, they will not give your business the same competitive edge that professional photography will.

5 Advantages Of Business Photography:

1. People form a first impression in 50 milliseconds. If your brand photography isn’t up to scratch you could be losing potential customers.

2. If you post on social media, posts with images produce 650 percent higher engagement than those that are text based.

3. Images are a reflection of your business. High-quality, unique photos that represent your brand will help your business communicate and connect with potential customers.

4. Image SEO – pages that contain original images with related text will rank better for the keywords you have optimized it for.

5. Business photography is an investment. After you have used your professional photos for your business website, they can be used on social media  (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn), in future blog posts, online articles and also in promotional materials.

Professional Business Photography in Nowra

If you need professional photography for your business, Webics is here to help. We can tailor a photography package to suit your business needs including any, or all, of the following:

  • Staff Headshots
  • Business Office/Location Images
  • Product Photography
  • Website Images
  • Branded Images for Marketing Campaigns
  • Google My Business Listing Images

Our professional photographer will work with you to get to know your brand, your business goals and discuss what options will work best for you. Connect with Webics today and start engaging your customers with high-quality, contemporary visual content.


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