Facebook marketing has changed a lot over recent years, especially in 2018, but that doesn’t mean it has lost its relevance. In fact, quite the opposite. While the way we use facebook has evolved, it is still a very effective marketing tool and businesses should still consider Facebook an important part of their 2019 digital marketing strategy. In this post we’ll show you some insightful facebook stats and talk about changes you can make to your facebook marketing strategy in 2019.

Facebook Stats For Business

Social media management platform Hootsuit published the following facebook business stats late last year:


Increase in the average price per ad on Facebook in 2018


The increase in mobile ad revenue year on year since 2014


Americans who have discovered products to purchase on Facebook

Clearly, whether you are using paid ads or growing organically with search engine optimisation, Facebook advertising is a key part of your digital marketing strategy. 

However, the most eye-opening and pertinent statistics for digital marketing agencies are those that relate to video content.



Mobile shoppers who prefer video to discover new products


The amount Facebook mobile-optimized video lifts brand awareness by


Number of people who have increased their online video viewing

And the most staggering statistic:

Marketers spend 20 times as much on TV ads to reach around twice the audience as their Facebook videos

Clearly video is outperforming other types of posts on Facebook. But there’s more to take away from these stats than just producing video.

So, what’s the key to creating successful facebook content in 2019?

Successful Facebook Content 2019

First and foremost produce more video content. Video is performing better than all other Facebook posts, so you will need to make sure video content is part of your digital marketing strategy. However, it is still important to balance video with other types of content and make sure ALL your content is relevant and engaging.

Attention spans are shorter than ever, so to capture your audience’s attention, you’ll need a well-researched marketing strategy that is targeted at a clearly defined market. Precise audience targeting combined with relatable and convincing content is the most effective way to build your brand on Facebook and ultimately generate leads and sales.

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