Google Lead Form Extensions

Google Lead Form Extensions : The Game Is Changing

The roll-out of Lead Form Extensions is an exciting development in the evolution of Google. While it is well established that the majority of search traffic comes from mobile users, surprisingly, mobile conversion rates are much lower than desktop. To address this anomaly, Google is shortening conversion paths for mobile users with its new lead form extension. Users won’t have to visit websites anymore to enquire, and businesses have the opportunity to increase their visibility and their conversion rates without the need for a landing page.

We’re excited and we think you will be too.

How Lead Form Extensions Works

For businesses, Google’s Lead Form Extensions makes it easy for potential customers to contact them. Users will see a call to action button directly beneath the search ad on their mobile devices. They can then fill out a contact form directly on the search results page without the need to visit a website. By simplifying the conversion process, Google is making it easier for businesses to create compelling ads and give customers direct access to their product, service or offer. 

Lead Form Extensions can be customised to suit all types of businesses and ad goals. For example, you can choose what information you would like to collect from the user and adjust the headline, description and background image. There are also a number of call-to-actions to choose from including Contact us, Subscribe, Learn more, Get offer, Book now, Sign up and Get quote.

Google Lead Form Extensions is still in beta testing, so it’s likely there will be more options and ways to customise lead forms in the future. Like all search ads, businesses only pay when someone clicks on their form extension. 

Benefits of Google Lead Form Extensions

Lead forms have been designed by Google to benefit both users and businesses.

Benefits for Business 

  • No need to worry about creating optimised landing pages
  • Google Lead Forms are fast loading
  • Early results show increased conversions from mobile search ads

“Google notes that, in testing, one advertiser reported a 20% higher closing rate for sales leads after implementing lead form extensions.”

Benefits for Users

  • If a user is signed into their Google account, the form will be pre-populated with their contact information so they can submit the form with one click.
  • Users can easily see essential details about the business, their products and special offers and enquire instantly.

Are You Eligible? 

Most types of ads are eligible for Google’s lead forms. There are a few notable exceptions including ads that contain:

  • Adult content
  • Alcohol-related content
  • Political advertisements
  • Ads for gambling services
  • Healthcare-related content

Read more about Google’s lead form requirements to make sure you are eligible.

Get Started with Lead Form Extensions in Search Ads

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to capture leads from potential customers who are searching for your products or services on mobile devices. Talk to Webics about how a Google Ads campaign can benefit your business.


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