According to a new Google My Business Insights Study: 

5% of Google My Business listing views result in a website click, call, or direction request

Sound Low? It’s not. Not only is the conversion rate increasing year on year, but for the average business, 5% translates to 59 actions per month. The Google My Business Study explored listings from different countries and different industries, including 3,857 located in Australia.

If you haven’t claimed your free Google Business Profile, these stats may just convince you.

How Effective is Google My Business?

As mentioned above, the average business receives 59 customer actions per month from their listing. Interestingly, Australian businesses received the highest number of monthly actions, a median of 67, out of all the countries studied (including the US, Canada and the UK).

The 67 actions taken by customers viewing Google My Business Listings can be broken down into:

  • Website Visits 54% 54%
  • Calls 27% 27%
  • Direction Requests 19% 19%

How Will My Business Be Found on Google?

The GMB Insights Study showed that the average business is found 1009 times per month or approximately 33 times per day. Again, Australia returned higher than average results with the average business being found 1120 per month. These searches can be broken down into direct searches and discovery searches. A direct search is when a customer looks up the name of your business, while discovery searches are made by customers looking for your product or service.

The split of how the average business in Australia is found is detailed below.

  • Discovery Search 85% 85%
  • Direct Search 15% 15%

Key Takeaway: Each day, Australian businesses have 36 opportunities to engage with their customers through their Google My Business Listing.

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

There are many more insights to be gained on how your Google My Business listing can help grow your business by reading the full report. In the meantime, make sure you add or claim your business listing. You can then start optimizing your listing. Our top tips include:

  • Make sure you fill in your information in as much detail as possible
  • Add high-quality, relevant images
  • Start asking your customers to leave a review and respond to all of them
  • Post regular updates to keep your business profile fresh

If you need help creating and updating your Business Profile, Webics can help. Have a chat to our GMB experts about making your business profile stand out and increasing your digital presence.