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google workspace for email
Google Workspace

Why we recommend Google Workspace for email hosting

While some of our clients still use cPanel to host their emails, we strongly recommend to all our clients that they switch to Google Workspace. Why? One of the main problems with hosting email services on a server that also hosts websites is unreliability. Lost emails = lost business, so if you can’t afford to lose revenue, it might be time to move your emails over to Google Workspace. Here’s what you need to know.  Downsides to hosting email on …

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News Media Bargaining Code

Australia To Force Google & Facebook To Pay News Publishers

The ACCC’s News Media Bargaining Code will require digital platforms to negotiate revenue-sharing deals directly with news publishers. In an open letter, Google argues that these changes will hurt how Australians use Google Search and YouTube.

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How Many Pages Should A Website Have For SEO

How Many Pages Should A Website Have For SEO?

How many pages should a website have for SEO? Whether you are building your first website or considering a redesign, this is a question you …

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