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Should I Choose a .com or Domain?

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Fact: your domain name will impact the success of your business online. 

Choosing a domain name is a two-part process. The first step is the actual address (or domain name) which will become the online identity of your business. Ideally, your domain name needs to be short, memorable and an accurate representation of your brand. The second part of a domain name is the extension, which for Australian businesses is most often a choice between .com and

This post will cover the question of whether to register a .com or domain. We’ll provide our top tips for choosing the best domain name in a later post

What is a domain? 

In simple terms, a domain is a signal to Google that you are an Australian business operating in Australia. 

To register a domain, you will need to prove you are an Australian business by providing your Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN). By contrast, anyone can register a .com domain.

Will a domain improve my google rankings?

Yes. Google wants to provide the most relevant information to users. So, if someone in Australia is searching for a plumber, Google will recognise their geographic location and prioritize plumbing businesses with a ending. 

Key Takeaway: If you are an Australian business, only wanting to target an Australian audience, a domain will help Google direct traffic to your site.

Have a domain name in mind? Check if your domain name is available. 

Should I get a .com domain as well?

If you plan on marketing your products or services to a global market, a .com domain may be a better option. .com domains are not only easier to remember, they are also the most recognised and more likely to attract international users. There isn’t much of a price difference between .com and domains (only a few dollars), so this isn’t usually a determining factor.

We usually recommend registering both the .com and the extension and have them point to the same website. This also avoids potential problems in the future should someone else choose to register either the .com or domain version.

Does a domain name really matter?

Yes a domain name will influence the amount, and the relevance, of traffic coming to your website. However, it’s not the only factor. User experience, mobile friendliness, optimized content and page speed are just some of the other key components of an effective SEO strategy. Read more about search engine optimisation, or contact Webics for advice on your domain name.


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