DIY SEO – Can be deadly!

Well maybe not in the terms of guns or violence, but it can have devastating effects on a business, the presence on search engines and the ability to attract more clients.

Many would believe it is possible to have their website developed by a professional then take on the task of competently and confidently building SEO strategies to catapult them to the top ranking in Google.

The truth is SEO is best left to the professionals as not only does it take a strategic approach but it is also extremely time consuming.

Taking on board your own SEO might seem as though there are many pros such as, saving money, you will get to learn something new and once you know how to do it properly you will think it is fairly cut and dry (that is until the game changes and or the next algorithm comes out).

Here are cons to doing your own Search Engine Optimisation:

It is very time consuming – Doing SEO properly and achieving top ranks on Google take hours, weeks and months of work. You need to be a top notch time manager, you will need to be able to take time out to research the do’s and don’ts of search, you will need to custom a strategy for writing press release articles, blog posts, back linking and more.

How do you know you are doing your SEO right? There is so much out there on the internet so it is easy to stumble across suitable information. However you can be passed over the incorrect information. If you aren’t a professional or familiar with the search engine optimisation process it is very easy to get caught in the misinformed trap, which will see your efforts and time wasted on a strategy that is going to do nothing for your online profile.

The best way to roll your SEO strategy out is by hiring a professional. You can rest assured that all the hard work is taken care of; you can assure that your SEO professional will have a specialist team working on your project to deal with ever changing SEO strategies to keep you ranking for the keywords that you are paying for. You can also relax that your SEO professional has all of the systems and tools in place to give you the best results possible.

Most search engine optimisation specialists have a guarantee attached to their agreement such as – guaranteed #1 page listing on Google.

Choosing a SEO professional to do your business is the most favourable option over doing your own SEO; however no matter what way you decide to go you understand that SEO is one of the most profitable ways of developing new business opportunities and getting your business brand out there.


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