How to Recover from Google Penguin

How to Recover From Google PenguinIn April this year Google released an algorithm update named the Google Penguin. The update was focused on targeting websites that violated Google’s webmaster guidelines and those who have taken part in link schemes, keyword stuffing, cloaking and more black-hat SEO techniques.

The penalty is not good and will cause you a huge drop in ranking on Google and traffic to your site, basically causing an upside pyramid pushing the affected to the bottom and bringing those less optimised sites above the penalised webmasters.

So I guess you are wondering what steps you take when you are affected by this algorithm?

The process is long and gruelling one and starts with the investigation of these bad neighbourhood links, then the removal and replacement of these links from the site (this is done by contacting potentially thousands of webmasters and asking for the links to be removed from the site), asking Google for a reconsideration once the links have been removed and if the links have not been removed supplying Google with the evidence that you have made contact with them on a number of occasions asking them to do so.

To build up your website again after this penalty you need to create an online marketing strategy and ensure that you include the following: create email marketing campaigns that include relevant and interesting content, write a blog that is keyword heavy and relevant to your market, ensure that your website has strong SEO copy, publish articles and get listed in stories, write and publish press release articles, build up your analytics, submit to quality directories and be an active social media marketer.


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