How Long Tail Keywords Can Transform Your Business

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Using the right SEO keywords is an integral part of bringing traffic to your website. But how do you ensure that not only are you drawing traffic, but attracting the right kind of customers? The answer lies in using long tail keywords. Using these type of keywords can make a major difference in the way users find your site, as well as help pointing ready consumers to your products and services. These individuals will be far more likely to buy what it is you’re selling. Let’s start at the beginning.

The Value of Keywords

Social media is important. Having a fantastic product or service is also important. But one of the main ways customers find potential businesses to patronise is via web search. When you’re looking to buy a new pair of shoes, for instance, you might be likely to head to Google and key in “women’s shoes.” This will yield you an abundance of results, all related to shops selling shoes for women.

The most popular websites will dominate in this keyword, because it is so vague. Short, obvious keywords are notoriously difficult to rank in. It’s like a craft soft drink manufacturer trying to compete with Coca-Cola using the term “soda”.

If you’re searching for new shoes, the results for a term like “women’s shoes” may not be enough. Do you want heels? Boots? Athletic shoes? There is a wide range of options, and if you’re keen on purchasing a pair, you’ll likely want to be more specific in your search. Enter the long tail keyword.

What are Long Tail Keywords

General keywords are just that–general. “Women’s shoes” will yield countless results, but will include shops from all over the world and a huge range of shoe types. A small business can never compete with the big boys in that regard. Fortunately, long tail keywords give businesses a chance to rank. A local purveyor of handmade leather boots can incorporate terms from their focus, or their niche, into their long tail keyword.

If, when searching for shoes, you decide you’re after leather boots, and in particular, ones that are handcrafted, you might be more specific and focused with your keywords. Heading to Google, you type in the phrase “handmade leather boots womens”. Voila: a much more specific and narrower set of results arrives, making it easier for you to navigate and find the product you’re seeking.

This benefits consumers, because when you’re ready to buy, you can more quickly locate the items you’re after. But this especially helps businesses. A small family-owned bootmaker now stands a chance of getting noticed–there is now the opportunity for them to compete even against major shoe companies. A long tail keyword includes terms that make a basic keyword far more specific.

How to Find Your Long Tail Keyword

To determine what long tail keywords your business should try to rank for will take some effort and brainstorming. Keyword research can help you discover the competition that already exists for certain terms. But to truly succeed, you must understand what your business uniquely offers. Spend some time considering your niche and what makes your products and services stand out. What sets you apart from your competitors? What type of customers does your business attract? With these elements in place, you can better assess what long tail keywords your potential buyers are most likely to be using.

The result? You rank well for a search term that is specific to YOUR business. This may mean you don’t get the same traffic as bigger companies who are already well established in general keywords, but it means your traffic is better for your business. Why is this? When a web user searches your term, they are looking for something very specific. This means that they are much closer to making a purchase, and it also means your unique product is likely to capture their attention. It’s exactly what they’re looking for.

In this way, long tail keywords transform your business by giving you a competitive edge and allowing you to do what you do best.


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