The Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Unless you’ve only recently joined us in the 21st century, you know how powerful the Internet has become. It’s a basic necessity for a modern business to have a website, and the most successful businesses capitalised early on with these advancements in technology. For companies and organisations, the beauty of the Internet is that it allows for a vast spread of information and reach. Your web presence allows you to be seen and contacted by countless Internet users, multiplying the chances that these will turn into paying customers. But online success for a business goes beyond a simple website. If you haven’t already jumped on the train, here are 5 compelling reasons it’s high time your business began its own blog.

1. You set yourself up as an expert in your industry.

Your business blog should focus on your industry and the basis of your company. Having a well-written, authoritative blog for your business with topics that matter to your customers is paramount, and helps situate your business as an expert in the field. Blogs can provide answers to the most frequent customer questions, address advancements and changes in the industry, and even be entertaining and enjoyable reads. The best business blogs become virtual online guides, filled with useful information and professional knowledge that web users will visit time and time again. The better of a resource you can make your blog, the more you’ll stand out as being a leader in your industry. That leadership engenders trust, which yields to greater leads and sales–exactly what a business is looking for.

2. Its SEO benefits simply can’t be beat.

A major part of search engine optimisation (SEO) involves website content which is studied by Google’s robots. The stronger and more relevant your content is, the better you’ll score with search engines, and the higher your rankings will be. This means that more potential customers will find you, as you appear more quickly in searches for your type of business.

SEO strategies make use of appropriate keywords, implementing these in such a way that increases your rankings without “overstuffing.” Google punishes sites that are clearly keyword stuffing, because it knows these types of content are NOT quality. When you produce well-conceived, thoughtful blog content, this goes a long way. Plus, each new page of your blog adds to your website’s index, generating more and more web real estate that helps you get found in searches.

3. Great, shareable content expands your web presence.

As every blog adds a page to your business’ website, you can feel confident in the knowledge that your content is fresh and continually changing. This not only positively impacts SEO, but makes for shareable posts which will earn attention on social media. The Internet is a sharing culture, and the good, informative pieces get plenty of “air time.” Some of your most powerful and evergreen blog posts may be shared around the web for years and years, as long as they are providing a service of useful information for readers. All of this sharing boosts SEO and enhances your all-around web presence and reputation. In short, blog posts get you seen.

4. Your brand will be enhanced and cemented through your blog.

Every business has its unique and personal brand. This is what attracts and connects with your potential market. It can be tough to build a brand solely through a basic website. You may have pages such as About Us, Products, Services, Contact, and a few others, but you don’t have the space to really allow customers to get to know your business. With a blog, that space is right at your fingertips. In a blog, the business can find its voice. It’s even better if multiple members of your staff contribute to the blog. This adds a personal, human touch to the writing and allows your team to feel involved and proud to be involved in a larger entity. Show the world what your business is all about through your blog.

5. A blog allows you to engage with your community.

Throughout the Internet, blog comment sections are alive and well–even thriving. Why is this? It is because people love to share their opinions. Opening your blog to comments can be a wonderful element, adding active engagement with readers and with your community. Make sure, however, you spend some time responding to these comments. This gets the dialogue going, and demonstrates that your business is one which values customer opinions. Additionally, blog comments will often come from other industry professionals, helping you learn and grow, and paving the way for you to make new, valuable contacts in your field.

A Blog is a Win for Your Business

With all the value a blog can add to your business, it’s about time you got started. If you’re serious about implementing an effective, well-written blog for your organisation, contact us at Webics today. We’ll help you get the ball rolling.


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