The Importance of Loading Time

The Importance of Loading Time

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Loading time can make or break a business.

Search Engines are increasing the weight of loading time in their algorithms. With this in mind, webmasters should think twice before employing an excessive amount of Javascript and content overkill.

This doesn’t need to impact on your conversion optimisation it just means that the speed at which information is received is far more important than the bells and whistles to both users and search engines.

Mobile Vs. Desktop

The location of the user changes on a mobile device but their mindset stays the same. Most new websites are optimised to be as aesthetically pleasing on mobile devices as they are on a desktop. However page load time for mobile devices is a common oversight. 73% of those surveyed have visited a website which loaded slower on their mobile device than their desktop. Given that this is the biggest factor in page abandonment and that there are almost 2 billion smartphone users across the globe, can you afford for your website to lag on mobile devices?

How long is too long?

Mobile web users are not always willing to wait very long before abandonment. 3% of those surveyed said they will not wait more than one second to load a page on their mobile devices. 30% of those surveyed agree that 6-10 seconds is an acceptable mobile load time. Oddly enough, 20% said they are happy to wait up to 20+ seconds before page abandonment. With that said, when it comes to page load time it is far better to aim to impress the 3% that are harder to please than the 20-30% that are not as worried.

Affecting Conversions

These statistics are interesting, but they become far more relevant when applied to a potential real life scenario. According to a release by KISSmetrics, if an Ecommerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year. Spending a small amount of money on improving page load time on mobile devices and desktops alike for a return of $2,500,000 would be an amazing investment opportunity.

Source: KISSmetrics


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