SEO Tips for Online Stores

Webics top SEO tips for online stores!

There are millions of online stores out there so setting yours apart from the rest takes work. Here we have put together the most important tips to getting visitors looking at your online store, and converting them to buying customers!

All online stores must remember that SEO is a key tool for people to find your online store. As you have an online business you aren’t limited to local traffic and need to broaden your circle of traffic, without traffic there is no sales and with no sales there is ultimately no business.

CONTENT IS KING – When setting up your online store it is important to add content, strong keyword rich content! Shoppers want to know as much information about a product as possible. That is why it is important to clearly describe the product, its functions, sizes, colours and a descriptive snippet that will have the visitor so intrigued that they will want to buy it.

Content increases visibility online as well as drives traffic to a website and encourages your shoppers to buy.

It also doesn’t help to have duplicate content or use the manufacturer’s description, keep it interesting and stick to the rule that if you aren’t interested in reading it, then website visitors aren’t going to be either.

HOW HOT ARE YOUR PRODUCTS – Without products to sell there is no need to have an online store! Show your visitors your bestselling hot products and shout it loud by having these prominently located on your home page.

What you think is a hot product and what the visitors think is a hot product could be at completely two different ends of the spectrum, so ensure you aren’t putting every product in your catalogue on the home page as that will make your ecommerce site difficult to navigate and frankly, confusing!

Treat your home page like a retail store’s front window – display new items, items that appeal to the eye, products that are exclusive to you or even quality items on sale – because who doesn’t love a bargain!

If products aren’t selling at all, take them off your store. It is better to have a small amount of a great sellers, than a huge inventory going nowhere.

WORKING WITH THE BIG G – Google is where you go to ultimately achieve top rankings and you can access strong SEO with paid advertising. Good Adwords campaigns can show you what traffic your best sellers are achieving as well as allowing you to track sales via conversion tracking.

Google Merchant Center is allowing online store owners to manage their product uploads and feeds to track online sales even further. Merchant centre and AdWords are excellent SEO tools that can work hand in hand with your on page SEO tools.

SEO ecommerce strategies can be customised by your digital agency to best suit your business, your audience or your products, by speaking to a professional you can gain insight and information that will allow you to increase business profitability, and most importantly make sales!


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