Most of use Facebook Messenger to chat with friends and family. It’s free, it’s fast, and it’s global. Users can easily share messages, photos, files, links and GIFs to individuals or groups. In fact, group conversations are one of Messenger’s most popular features. Why? Well, pretty much everyone you know is already on there, so you can easily keep multiple people in the loop. In addition, you can make group calls, set up events, view recently shared content and customise pretty much any setting (colours, nicknames, group names & photos, emoji reactions etc.) So, how does this translate to business communication? Can Facebook Messenger help you connect with your customers? Let’s find out.

The Evolution of Messaging Apps: Fast Facts

If you’re not convinced that people are messaging more than ever, these stats from Facebook IQ may just persuade you.

People use Messenger each month

Messages Sent between people and businesses every month


More likely to shop with a business they can message


Would rather message than call customer service


Will message with businesses over the next two years

Most importantly, messaging has broken down generational barriers with people across all age groups (65% of Millenials, 65% of Gen Xers and 63% of Boomers) preferring to message rather than call or email.

Messaging makes communicating with a business easy, especially when people are unable to call or email. Your customers can quickly ask your business a question – check opening hours or stock levels for example – or make or confirm an appointment. And, with the launch of Facebook’s customer chat plugin late last year, business owners can now integrate the Messenger experience directly into their websites.

Messenger Plugin For Your Business Website

The customer chat plugin allows your customers to talk directly to you via your website, in the same, familiar Messenger interface they are used to. Once customers leave your website, conversations can be continued in the Messenger app, with recent chat history always visible, creating a single, trackable exchange between your business and your customers.

While your business will still receive enquiries via other channels, the Messenger chat plugin will likely reduce the volume of support emails that need to be replied to on a daily basis. Customer queries can be dealt with quickly and in real-time, instilling confidence in your customers that they are being listened to. You can also take orders and book appointments containing personal information in a secure environment. Given the number of people using Facebook Messenger each month, making your business available on this platform is a must. As the way we communicate continues to evolve, and the power of the message increases, don’t let your business get left behind.

Ready to talk to more of your customers? Webics can set up the Facebook Messenger Plugin for your business website. We can help you tailor the Messenger experience to your customers’ needs and show you how to use interactive experiences to drive business. Get in touch with Webics today.