Keeping Your Business Page Safe on Facebook

Any savvy small business knows that getting connected online is a huge part of growing your customer base and building your brand. But as you funnel your energy into posts, promotions, and engagement on your business Facebook page, it’s important to be sure you are not overlooking the vital importance of proper security. How can you keep your business page safe on Facebook? Here are a few simple tips we can personally attest to here at Webics.

Limit Your Admin Access

How many people have administrative privileges on your business Facebook page? Ideally, it should only be a select few who are staples in your business. When you provide access to interns, freelancers, developers, or others who may contribute to your page, be sure that you are managing them carefully, and only allow minimal admin privileges. If an employee or contractor leaves your service, be certain to remove them as a page admin. Otherwise, they will be left with the ability to drastically change your page or even add and remove additional admins. Having fewer administrators for your Facebook page is not only a good security measure, but ensures more continuity for your page overall.

Use 2-Step Authentication for Extra Security

At Webics, we use a 2-step authentication process to keep our business page secure. When logging in from an unknown device or computer, a security code is also required in addition to the password. This will be sent to a phone number or, less often, an email connected with the account. This is a strongly suggested safety tactic for Facebook as well as other social media platforms and apps. In the unfortunate event that a hacker does nab your password, chances are highly unlikely that this person will also have access to your phone or email account.

Use Secure Passwords

The 2-factor authentication is a great way to add bonus protection to your page, but before it even gets to that, you need to be making sure that your initial passwords are as watertight as possible. Change your passwords every six months or less, being sure to use a unique and challenging combination of numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and symbols. Don’t use words or numbers that have to do with your business or any personally identifying information.

Be an Active Participant on Your Page

Some of the trouble on your page could come from the outside as well as internally. You should manually monitor all posts on your page at least every day to prevent any spam or malicious links that may be posted by users or bots. This protects both your customers and the reputation of your brand by keeping your page and wall as safe and welcoming as possible. Excessive and unchecked spam or irrelevant links will send your followers packing.

What does your business do to stay safe on Facebook? 


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