Turn Friends into Facebook Likes

How to Turn Your Facebook Friends into Facebook Fans

How to Turn Your Facebook Friends into Facebook Fans
If you have a small business, then it’s likely you’ve discovered the beneficial tool that is Facebook. Businesses of any size can see advantageous results through Facebook, but for small businesses, the customer engagement and broader reach that Facebook offers are especially important. Facebook and other social media platforms are a great way to get the word out about your small business. A strong website, combined with an active social media presence can attract potential customers, find leads, and ultimately yield better sales. Why wouldn’t you invest some time and effort into building a Facebook page for your business?

Once you’ve created your Facebook business page, you may be frustrated by the lack of fans or “likes” your page is receiving. You’ve probably already got a personal Facebook profile with countless friends. So, how do you go about turning those personal Facebook friends into fans of your Facebook page?

Focus on Your Page

Before you even begin recruiting your mates over to your business page, make sure you’ve developed a well-thought out, interesting page. There are lots of options for Facebook pages and many boxes in which you can provide various information about your page. These info boxes should be fully completed with engaging content that showcases what your business is all about. Your page should look finished and professional; you don’t want to invite your friends over to a half-finished page. Spend some time sharing posts on the timeline of your business Facebook page. If you simply share a few industry related links, it gives your page the appearance of more activity, even if you are only just getting started. Better yet, share some of your website’s best blog posts, so you can drive traffic to your website while simultaneously building your Facebook presence.

Start Small

Once your page is ready for fans, begin inviting your friends over to the page. You could simply send the mass invite that Facebook provides for you, but this one-clickprocess rarely works. Your invite typically shows up in a small, unobtrusive box on a user’s news feed. If they receive a lot of invites to various pages, it’s likely they will never even see yours, or they may ignore or delete it inadvertently. The better approach is to create a post informing friends that you’ve begun posting regularly on your business Facebook page. Invite them to check out the page and become a fan. You can post a similar update every few days, but make sure each post is new and different–you don’t want to repeat yourself. This process should bring a few friends over to your Facebook page. Bear in mind, however, that the friends most likely to become fans of your business are those to whom the information, products, or services are particularly relevant. Many of your friends simply may not be interested in what your business has to offer, but that’s okay. With time and persistence, the right fans will find your page.

Offer Something Great

Many people need an incentive to check out a new page or new business. If you offer something worthwhile to your Facebook friends in return for a “Like”, you just might get it. What you offer can vary depending on your business. Photographers, for example, might offer a free print to the 500th fan of their Facebook page. A common gift for a new business to give is a free eBook that is relevant to your business. Free, specialised information is always useful, and some fans may really appreciate this offer. Providing an exciting gift can be a wonderful way to help turn your Facebook friends into fans. Make sure you offer something beneficial and worthwhile and always follow through with your gift offers.

Try Facebook Ads

At some point, you’ll want to look outward beyond your Facebook friends circle and into the wider world. Facebook ads are an excellent option for attracting new fans and customers. With Facebook ads, you can typically choose your budget and Facebook will allow you to select the demographics you wish to target. You can even choose to target Facebook users based on their interests. This can be a really effective way for locating the kind of people who would be interested in your products, service, or business. With this targeted advertising, your Facebook fan base will continue to grow with real, authentic fans who will be genuinely interested in what your business offers. This means more leads and sales for you.

Reach Out

There are other ways to attract more customers and potential customers to your business Facebook page. In your physical store, you can display signage pointing customers to your Facebook page, or you can add the web address of the page to your business cards. Your business website should definitely have a direct link to your Facebook page, and vice versa. The better connected you are, the more reachable you’ll be to your possible customers. Lastly, make sure you remain active on your page, posting frequently (but not overdoing it), and sharing relevant, interesting articles, posts, and news that matches what your business is all about. Take the time to engage with your customers on your page, responding to any comments you receive and letting your customers know that, more than anything, you are listening to them. That kind of connection is simply great business.


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