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Still using an exchange server for your emails?

Cloud Based systems are the wave of the future, allowing work to be completed anywhere and anytime on any device. They feature a simple set up, easy to use and manage functionality and minimum down time (guaranteed 99.9% uptime).

So why is choosing a cloud based system such as Goggle Apps for business beneficial?

Let’s start with some information of the Microsoft exchange server system!

The Microsoft exchange server was designed to run outlook emails on it.

Its features include:

  • Contact sharing
  • Calendars and calendar sharing
  • Resources sharing
  • And webmail access from your PC (lighter version of Outlook run from the user’s web browser, without all the functionality of the PC version.)

Microsoft exchange is expensive to run and requires a technician to monitor, upgrade, add users and generally administer the program.

Then there is Google Apps for business. The fuss free cloud option to business email, genius!

It has all of the functionality that the Microsoft exchange server offers plus lots more, it is cost effective and has a guaranteed uptime rate of 99.9%.

So what does Google Apps for Business offer?

Google Apps for business allows you to run outlook the same as you would be used to. It also offers shared contacts, shared calendars and webmail (as it is a cloud system you can login and use your email whenever you like, wherever you like!)

Google Apps for business is hosted through Google on a cloud server (accessed through the web); it is a fully functional business ready system that is easy to use on an annual subscription basis.

Google Apps for business includes:

  • 25 GB of inbox storage
  • 5GB of drive storage
  • Custom email addresses
  • Unlimited users
  • A video and chat facility – Google Talk
  • Google Docs – allows you to create and edit documents, spread sheets and slide presentations with ease.
  • 24/7 Customer Service support
  • 99.9% up time

Google Apps for business also has an upgraded feature including a Vault. The vault allows you to file business critical archiving, data retrieval and data export and discovery.

Forget the days of the exchange server crashing because there is a new email server in town and it’s Google Apps for business!



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