Winning with WordPress!

WordPress was born with the view of being a place where writers could create their own personal blog and share it with the world. WordPress has grown into more than just a flexible blogging tool; it is a completely customisable CMS that can be used for small to medium enterprises through to fortune 500 businesses.

In 2012 there were 72.4 million WordPress websites on the internet; these stats really speak for themself. With customisable themes, social media widgets and search engine optimisation functionality the WordPress CMS experienced is tailored toward everyone and works with your business and brand to increase your online presence.


WordPress Functionality

WordPress is an open source CMS, meaning that all of it’s features are fully customisable. Basic WordPress websites can be created using stock themes that are available for free or at a cost. WordPress owes much of its unique functionality properties to plugins built by other developrs, widgets that enable opportunities in SEO and online marketing, plus an easy-to-use blog post interface.

When you have a website developed through WordPress you are being given a weapon of mass creation that allows your developer to create layouts as simple or as complex as you wish, custom design, custom programming features, custom typefaces, social media compatibility and more.

WordPress is Easy to Edit!

Once you have had your website developed and customised to suit your brand and business you are able to concentrate on adding fantastic content to your website. When adding content to WordPress you start by accessing your dashboard as your home base, this is where you are able to access plugins, widgets and add fresh blog posts and entries. WordPress has an easy to use editor even for those technically inept, making it ideal for businesses looking at driving traffic to their website simply through content marketing techniques.

If you’re looking for more visual-heavy content, you can quickly add images to your posts; and lots of them!  Plus, you can move your image around within the text, achieving the right layout for your blog.  After you’ve finished, you can add your post to a specific category of your choice.  This way, you can keep you blog posts organized and your readers can bookmark their favorite categories from your blog.  Optimize your posts with the right tags to help grab the attention of your target visitors too.

Custom Features

Widgets are the perfect way to add custom features into the sidebar and/or footer areas of your website.

Other custom features available in the WordPress CMS to enhance your websites functionality include: Spam protection, auto content insertion, call back feature for custom comments, HTML mark up for user profiles and more.

These custom features make it easy to create a website or a blog that sets you apart from your competition.

Search Engine Optimisation Features

It is critical to have a website that is optimised to attach new visitors via search engines along with other online marketing strategies. WordPress fortunately provides fantastic features to assist you in your goal of courting search engines and attracting more business leads and sales.

Your WordPress website comes equipped with a sitemap which search engines love, on page search engine optimisation capabilities, tags, RSS feeds and more. Although relying on WordPress features isn’t enough to guarantee you first page results, if the functionality is used correctly you can guarantee that your website will draw more traffic as opposed to other CMS platforms.

Other winners have made the right choice!

Whilst it powers millions of sites across the globe, it is also the CMS of choice for notable brands such as Sony, Reuters, eBay, UPS, Forbes and many more, because of its versatility and usability.

WordPress – Win Here, Win There!


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