4 Proven Ways to Convert Visitors into Customers

4 Proven Ways to Convert Visitors into Customers

So what if you have high traffic to your site? That would be useless if that traffic does nothing except bounce and exit. This is a problem most small business owners face when they have an online presence – customer conversion.

Undeniably, it is not enough for your website to have high traffic. While the right online tools can help drive traffic, they won’t help convert visitors. Customer retention and conversion is important because that’s what’s going to increase your sales and make your business profitable.

Customer conversion and retention isn’t easy but it can be done. Here are some proven ways to convert your visitors into customers.

Optimise to Your Desired End

The thing is, your visitor will not immediately convert unless he got to your web page searching for something really specific i.e. instead of simply using tyre as a keyword, he used tyre 517L.

If a visitor goes to your site looking for a specific item and he has landed on a page that doesn’t immediately show what he’s looking for, he won’t go back a second time. So the first thing you should do is optimise your website in such a way that visitors who are hunting for specific items will immediately get to the page where the item is. Provide accurate and precise keywords for each page of your website. That will ensure that when a link to your website page appears in organic searches, you visitor will be directed to the right page.

Be Clear About What You Want Your Visitors to Do

Aside from optimising your website page, use clear signposts. Nudge your customers by placing a call to action. Unless you direct visitors to a desired end or action, they won’t do anything.

However, do not immediately direct to a shopping cart because that will turn your visitors away. Consumers like to think things over before they buy. Nobody wants to be pushed into buying something. Let them decide whether they want to commit or not in buying a product or service. This is more beneficial for your business in the long run because when visitors think things over and see the value of what you have to sell that’s when they keep coming back.

Create Credibility and Build Trust

Credibility and trust are two crucial factors in converting visitors into customers. Without these two, it’s unlikely that your visitors will convert and it’s even less likely that they will return to your website.

To do this, make it easy for visitors to reach you. Make your visitors comfortable and familiar with your business. Place your contact numbers and address on a prominent page or area of your website. You could even provide real time support where your visitors can chat live to customer support. This will definitely assure your visitors that you can be trusted to immediately act on their requests and that you are reachable anytime.

Test Web Pages to See which Converts

Testing which page converts the most will help you in assessing your website and revaluating your strategies.

Essentially, there are pages that are engaging and convert, there are pages that help other pages convert and there are pages that are dead ends. In order to know whether a page is a conversion machine or a bounce and exit point, run a simple test. Place an offer with a strong call to action in one page and do the same thing on another webpage. Given that you have an analytics like Google’s, this will show you the page that converts the most.

Contact us if you want help in converting your visitors into customers and our Strategist will help by providing a strategy that fits your business.


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