Increase Sales with an Ecommerce Website Design from Shopify

Increase Sales with an Ecommerce Website Design from Shopify

The landscape of ecommerce in Australia has increased in recent years but has also become quite complex. This is due to the fact that more and more people are shopping online, whether from the comfort of their own home, in the office, or in malls where brick-and-mortar stores are present.

In a study conducted by PWC, results show that 53% of Australians are shopping online. The annual compound growth rate of online shopping is 14.1%. The total spending taken from 2012 is expected to grow to $26.9 billion in 2016.

If you are a retailer and you have many products to sell, the best place to sell them is online through an ecommerce site. Although, creating one isn’t that easy, there are platforms that can help you create the best option for your business. A well-known and very useful ecommerce site builder is Shopify.
A custom ecommerce website design from Shopify can help boost your business and generate more sales. How?

A Shopify Ecommerce Website Design

Many studies have been undertaken about the effects of visually appealing websites to online consumers. A website’s visual appeal creates a strong initial impression and affects a consumer’s buying decision.

So whether you are a start-up online retailer or an established retail business, you can use Shopify’s free and customisable templates, enhance them or create your own. The templates have been professionally designed to appeal to online buyers.

The Shopify CMS is complete with ecommerce tools for marketing, sales, social media, shipping, inventory, customer service and analytics. These features are essential to ecommerce sites as they make the online buying experience easy and convenient.

A Cutting-Edge Innovation to Online Marketing Strategies

Another important feature of Shopify website design is the integration of social media and SEO support in its platform.

Storeowners can customise meta tags, H1 titles and use other onsite SEO techniques to help boost traffic to their ecommerce site and to increase their web presence. Customers, on the other hand, can share in different social media sites products that they see or like in a Shopify-designed website.

For online stores, web traffic is a big burden because of the highly competitive Australian ecommerce market. SEO is time-consuming for a business. Through the integration of SEO support, this burden has been greatly minimised.

Integration of Abandonment Recovery Applications

One of the many problems that online businesses face when they have an ecommerce site is shopping cart abandonment.

In an Ecommerce Checkout Usability study conducted by Baymard Institute, the average rate of online shopping cart abandonment is 67.45%.

Businesses not knowing why consumers abandon their online shopping cart mean a big loss of revenue for many online retailers. To decrease cart abandonment Shopify allows the integration of different abandonment recovery apps for retargeting and through email recovery campaigns.

These apps provide custom ad and email templates designed to engage customers. Lost sales can be recovered by reminding customers of: similar items bought online and of their abandoned cart and by providing assistance for a better buying experience and creating options for future purchases.

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Small businesses find it hard to compete with big brands through traditional marketing, unless they infuse a large amount of money into their marketing budget.

An ecommerce website can even the playing field. It just requires an excellent website designer with sound knowledge of online marketing techniques and Shopify to help you find your way through. We can help with branding and choosing a web template theme, updating content and monthly performance reports.


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