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4 Reasons Why Online Community Building Means Profit for Your Business

The World Wide Web is a jungle and only the fittest will survive.

More than ever, the way your presence dominates the web has a deeper and greater impact on your business.

Of course digital marketing plays a central role in creating your web presence. We know about SEO, link building and other marketing efforts that allow you to increase traffic to your website. And yes, all these efforts are very important. But ask yourself, what will you do once all your guests arrive for the party? What canapés are you going to serve them and do they like their martinis shaken or stirred?

One way of knowing that your efforts will pay-off is by integrating your SEO and other marketing strategies towards building a community online. The foundation of your online community is your target audience and your business will grow from this base. Is all this really necessary?

Yes! And here’s why.

Online Community Building Lessens the Impact of Change in Google’s Algorithms and Helps Your Business Establish a Strong Presence in the Web

We have to be honest, the change in Google’s algorithm has affected the way search engines operate and has created panic all over the web. Being an authority and building credibility online helps your site rank higher in most search engines’ pages. So years of effort towards being on the front page will all go to waste if you fail to build a good reputation through authoritative content.

Additionally, if you are simply thinking of beating Google’s algorithm then you will actually lose sight of what’s important – your market. Your online community is YOUR market and you can simply direct your SEO efforts towards this community in order to establish a strong presence in the web.

A Medium for Both Your Business and Consumers will Strengthen Your Relationships

Most quality consumers come from online communities. Quality consumers are those who are end users of your products and services and those who see something in what you have to offer. By building an online community, you create a business presence that reaches out to your market and tells them that they are its most important aspect.

If You’re Thinking of Business Expansion, Your Online Community is a Viable Investment Platform

You don’t only get potential customers and returning clients from online communities, you also get potential investors. Show that you have an extensive market to sell your products or services to and investors will jump right in.

Just think of Facebook and Twitter. Do you think these companies were an overnight success? Of course not. The people behind these social media networks essentially built an online community so investors could see that it could generate huge profits for them.

Saves You Overhead Costs on Advertising and Research

Building an online community is actually a lot cheaper that most advertising and research campaigns online.

Word-of-mouth campaign is an old traditional way of marketing your business and yet, it is also one of the most effective ways of getting prospects. Through a great online community, a consumer who needs your product or service but has no idea that you exist could actually turn into a client if someone else from your online community points them in your direction.

Likewise, your online community usually participates through blog commenting and discussion boards. Snippets of what they say can be your source of ideas about what to improve and what to strengthen in your products and services.

Remember, the lifeblood of any business is not only the money but also the people who spend the money. Strong presence online converts and conversion is profit. That’s why the focus of any marketing strategies should not only be enticing people but building a strong presence that will convert them.

Next week we will provide you with the steps to build your own online community.


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