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Things to look for in a credible online store

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages, as it is easy, quick to transact and most times cheaper than retail stores.

Unfortunately not all online stores are credible and even to this day individuals are being ripped off by online retailers and receiving poor quality items, or even not receiving items at all.

So how do you determine a credible online store from those not so credible?

Much like retail stores you can judge a book by its cover.

We naturally are drawn into retail stores that look interesting, with beautifully dressed windows, shelves stacked with goods and the sales staff ready to serve us. When we tend to avoid the stores where you can walk in and out without being acknowledge or the presentation of the outlet is less than respectable.

With online stores first impressions definitely count!

Where does credibility start? Online stores that contain plenty of relevant content, images, prices, easy to use shopping cart functionality as well as easy payment methods are all a great start!

Credible online stores should also contain a contact number, address details, email details or even a live chat facility – this way should anything go wrong, or if you have a question you can contact the store immediately.

Policies, terms and conditions or terms of trading! Look out for these as this will tell you anything you need to know about returns, refunds, wrong sizing and damaged goods. This area should also include information on what steps you will need to take as the consumer and if there are postage liabilities for item returns or exchanges.

How will you pay, what payment methods are accepted and is the site secure? These points are clearly a big part of the stores credibility!

Any online store that only accepts payment via wire transfer obviously isn’t going to be the most credible. Online stores with SSL security, which also allows you to pay with methods such as PayPal will assure that you are protected should your purchase be compromised at all.

You wouldn’t give your credit card details to just anyone so being careful and looking out for the key points above will see that most times you are shopping with a credible online retailer and your experience will be a pleasant and easy transaction.


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