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5 Signs That It’s Time to Update Your Website

Time to update your website

To remain ahead of the game, it is crucial in any line of businesses to be continually updating. While it might seem obvious to update your equipment, computer software, or even your store’s physical appearance, it is just as important to frequently update your company website. Experts say a major design update should occur every 2-3 years, to keep the look of your site fresh, and also provide some variety. But your website should also undergo frequent updates to make sure it looks clean and professional, and works like a charm. Wondering if now is the time to update your business website? It just might be. Here are 5 telltale signs that your website is in bad need of a boost.

1. You’re still using flash animation “landing” pages.

Remember in the early 2000’s when websites had flash animation or video designed to “welcome” you to the site? If your website is still stuck in the early internet era, it is definitely time to move forward. Those welcome pages are a thing of the past, and most internet users will leave a page when faced with such. Your goal is to get customers and potential customers to your page–so get them there, fast, without any overtures. Today’s busy consumer is all about convenience and speed.

Speaking of speed, it’s time to update your website if…

2. Your site loads too slowly.

Nothing will turn visitors away quicker than a slow loading website. The standard rule of thumb, according to research, indicates that users will leave a site which does not load within 4 seconds. With extremely fast internet capabilities these days, internet users expect near instantaneous access to everything. Additionally, Google ranks websites based on loading times, so a slow page may cause your ranking to suffer. Don’t let your site’s loading speed be the thing that holds you back. It is time for that update.

3. Your webpage is too “busy” or has poor functionality and design.

No one likes an ugly website. If a page is too cluttered and busy with information and links, this is impossible to navigate, and will drive away many potential clients. Stay away from crazy colours that are harsh to the eyes, and make sure your fonts are large and extremely legible. Sites that are too confusing for the average person to navigate are a definite no no. The key is simplicity and ease. Using your site should be an extremely pleasant experience, influencing customers to return again and again. If your site is experiencing broken links or other issues, get this resolved right away.

4. You haven’t linked your site to your company’s social media accounts.

This is crucial! More people than ever are utilising social media networks, and many individuals prefer social media sites to main websites, seeking to get all their information in one place. Your social media accounts should all be linked to your website, creating a constant flow of information between them. Don’t share the exact same information on each platform, but allow your company some variety. Entice your customers through Twitter, for example, to check out the latest products available on your website–and always include a link!

5. Your website content is rife with misspellings and grammatical errors or is just plain bad.

Quick! Time to update immediately. If your content is suffering from a lack of creativity or professionalism, this will affect the success of your website. To have better search engine rankings, you need high-quality and original content, utilising relevant key words. Your less than stellar copy may be having an adverse affect on your website. If your site seems lackluster and commonplace, time for a revamping of content and design.


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