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Why your online store needs to be mobile friendly

The complacent online business owners who ignore the fact that a significant portion of their traffic is mobile and fail to update their online stores to be mobile friendly, usually also happen to be the online business owners who are watching their revenue dwindle down while their more savvy competitors take over their market share.

The truth is, mobile traffic is climbing at a staggering rate and the businesses who recognise this and take the steps to make their store mobile friendly will convert that traffic into sales, opening up a whole new revenue stream.

Responsive Online Store

How many people are buying with Mobile Devices?

According to data taken from a sample of online stores, mobile purchases increased by 40% from 2011 to 2012. With this purchasing trend on the rise in 2013 and mobile traffic in general growing beyond belief, the only way a business owner could honestly justify not going mobile is if they genuinely not interested in opening up new revenue streams and growing their business to be more successful. Now that this data is in the open, online businesses can stop using the “Nobody buys online with their phone” excuse.

What are my options for building a mobile store?

There are two main options for businesses that want to convert their mobile traffic into sales; responsive online stores and dedicated mobile online stores. A responsive online store is one which changes and adapts when loaded on mobile phones and tablets. Responsive is the preferred option at Webics. A dedicated mobile website is a website which has to be separately designed and developed. A script can be added to your website’s code to redirect the user to the mobile version when loaded on a mobile device.

How do I know what I am missing out on?

If you are a smart enough business owner to be investing your time in reading this, you are probably smart enough to be using Google Analytics in some way. At the very least, Google Analytics will be able to tell you how much of your traffic at the moment is mobile and how that is growing over time. Most online stores will also be tracking their conversion rate and could see for themselves, how low their mobile conversion rate is in comparison to their desktop conversion rate. That metric in itself is undeniable data and proof that your business is missing out.

As it is, your online store is already being found by mobile visitors. The only question is whether or not you want their money.


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