SEO Memes

The Greatest SEO Memes of All Time

These SEO Memes are the cream of the crop.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) industry is not as straight forward as it used to be. It is full of consultants with a little less expertise than they probably need to make a great difference in a business.

In addition to this, the industry Royalty, Matt Cutts and Rand Fishkin seem to make a habit of contradicting themselves every year or two. Out of all of the SEO memes we have come across, the following 10 do the best job taking the mickey out of the SEO industry as well some other common “Face palm” moments that occur in almost every SEO project.

1. The client that wants to see instant results.

The fact that not all business are completely up-to-date in terms of online marketing is totally understandable – it is a new concept for a lot of people. Although, the hardest problem that many SEO agencies encounter is when a client does not understand why signing up today will not get them instant results. Most just do not seem to see the difference between purchasing SEO services and purchasing a loaf of bread in a store.

Instant SEO results meme

2. Matt Cutts only has one answer.

Matt Cutts is not here to babysit the SEO industry. But in saying that, sometimes it is hard to understand why he continues to answer the questions he receives when the answer is always “great content”. He is absolutely right in saying that the best SEO strategy is link baiting, but it would be great if he could mix it up a little and find a few different ways of saying “Google just wants great content”.

Matt Cutts Meme

3. What is Google Analytics on about?

We recently spoke to Corey Koberg at the latest Google Master Class in Sydney, he was unable to provide a comprehensive answer as to why we have seen Google Analytics show that up to 50% of the search phrases from which websites are receiving traffic are “Not Provided”. This is extremely annoying when trying to make decisions based Google Analytics data.

Not Provided Keyword Meme

4. Constantly checking SERP (Search Engine Results Page) positions.

Everybody does it to a certain extent. The only ones that say otherwise, are liars. No matter how many SERP tools are released, we just cannot seem to help ourselves. SEO is probably one of the more exciting areas to work in as a geek – Google likes to keep us on edge.

Incognito SEO Meme

5. DIY SEO is messing with small business.

Every SEO agency will understand this perfectly. A small business owner refuses to pay for high quality SEO services because they “can do it themselves with automated software for 10 minutes per week”. A few months later the same person calls you to ask why their website has been removed from Google SERPs. Investing less is not worth the ‘Pandalisation.’

Pandalisation Meme

6. SEO has been terminally ill for the last 5 years.

Infographics about the death of SEO are popping up left right and center. For several years now, we have been hearing about how SEO is dead or dying. Clearly these infographics are created by people that think spam is SEO. Using spam to increase rankings has never been alive, but the concept of search engine optimisation through the publication of great content and earning natural links will never die.

SEO is Dead

7. Working for worthless rankings.

Without actually looking into the search volume of a keyword, you may end up wasting masses of time trying to rank for ‘niche’ keywords with no return. It is okay to give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve great results in SERPs, but wait it out to determine if there is any profitable traffic coming through from that keyword. The best way to determine if a keyword is worth ranking for is to perform a PPC Advertising campaign in Google AdWords.

Funny SEO Meme

8. Paying to be the best.

This is a kind of controversial topic. top ten is a bit like the Yellow Pages Online except the advertisers seem to act is as if paying the most to receive a higher ranking is a reflection on their SEO skills.

Controversial SEO

9. SEO Industry inside jokes.

Every industry has their little inside jokes. The TV Series ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ often plays on the idea of science jokes. This seems to be the best SEO joke anybody could come up with.

SEO Inside Jokes

10. Building huge link networks expecting not to be found out.

When you have a complete index of absolutely everything on the internet, it isn’t too hard to figure out who owns what, what is a real link and what is a link network owned by a dodgy SEO agency.

Link Network Meme


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