Digital Marketing Grants For Small Business

Are you a small business with headquarters in Queensland? Do you have fewer than 20 employees? Do you have an Australian Business Number (ABN) as well as being registered for GST? Was your turnover $2 million or less last financial year? If you have answered yes to... read more

Social Media Marketing Tips 2018

A social media presence should be a part of every business’s marketing strategy. However, getting the most out of a social media campaign isn’t easy, especially in the ever-changing social network landscape. To help you use social media to your business’s advantage,... read more

3 Common SEO Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

While SEO techniques are always expanding and evolving in line with Google’s updates, the basic principles for SEO success remain the same. This is especially true if you are a small business looking to dominate the local search results. But where does SEO start and... read more

How Many Pages Should A Website Have For SEO?

How many pages should a website have for SEO? Whether you are building your first website or considering a redesign, this is a question you will undoubtedly ask yourself, or your local web design agency. Are more pages better for SEO? How many pages is too many?... read more

Google Chrome Security Changes

According to Google: “A secure web is here to stay.” Starting in July 2018, Google Chrome will mark all HTTP websites as ‘not secure’. What does that mean for your website? If your website doesn’t secure a SSL certificate within the next two months,... read more

Will The Google Speed Update Affect Your Site?

Recently, we wrote about Google’s last major update – “Fred” – which took place in March 2017. We know that Google makes hundreds of minor changes to its search algorithm each year, but major updates are far more sporadic, and, far more consequential.... read more

Does Google My Business Help SEO

There are many unknowns when it comes to Google. What is certain is that Google will never become static. Google experiments, it learns and it changes. Google My Business (GMB) is a prime example. GMB has continued to evolve since its release in 2014 when it replaced... read more

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