A/B Testing Your Facebook Ads

One of the best ways to measure the success of your marketing is through A/B testing, also known as split testing. The essence of this approach involves releasing multiple versions of an advertisement (usually two) with varying copy or images, etc., and then observing... read more

Why is my SEO Taking So Long?

Is my SEO working yet? Excited clients often ask us about their SEO results only a few short weeks into their campaigns. They wonder why they aren’t seeing instant results. The short answer: SEO takes time. A couple of months later, their questions are answered as the... read more

Ranking for Long Tail Keywords

Does your SEO strategy include ranking for long tail keywords? It should. Today’s online world is very competitive, with new businesses popping up seemingly overnight and dominating the web search scene. To stay at the forefront of your game (and on the all-important... read more

End Of Financial Year Sale 2017

ARE YOU ELIGIBLE? Talk to Webics about using your $20,000 immediate tax deduction. Your Name*Your Email* Phone* Claim Your Website Before 30 June 2017 Did you know that the Federal Government’s instant asset write-off for small businesses is about to end? Until 30... read more

Is SEO Dead?

It’s a social world. Digital media is the wave of the future and businesses are capitalising on that fact more than ever. From video to influencer marketing to Facebook campaigns, there is a lot of power in social media. One might even start to wonder if SEO matters... read more

Should you switch to https?

Google said it as many as three years ago, but the SEO world is abuzz once again with the topic. Is moving to https a necessity for a modern business website? If you’re looking to compete in the online marketplace, (and let’s face it: you’re going to have to compete) then every ranking signal Google accounts for is important. The answer to the https question is yes.

read more

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