About Webics

The team at Webics understand what it takes to grow a business. We started in 2008 with just one client and a clear vision. Now, 9 years later, we are proud to say we have helped over 600 clients, both in Australia and abroad, with our website design and digital marketing strategies.

We have built our reputation on delivering real results. This means exceptional design for your website and increased sales and leads through online marketing. Essentially, like you, we want your business to do its best. We achieve this by working with you, establishing your needs and industry specific concerns, and offering tailor made solutions.

Webics look at the whole picture, there is not one single element that will help your business grow. We have team members who specialise in website design and development and every field of digital marketing, including SEO, Pay-Per- Click, Copywriting and Business Strategy. At Webics we don’t place limits on ourselves; we work with any size business, anywhere in the world. We firmly believe there’s always room for growth.

Why Choose Webics?


The Webics Team are focussed on you and your business. We want our clients to keep coming back and to recommend us to others. We can only achieve this by consistently delivering a service that exceeds expectations.


Webics offers the whole digital package. Each team member has their own area of expertise so you can be confident every service we offer, whether it be web design or content marketing, comes with a guarantee of quality.


With Webics you don’t just get a single service. Our experience and expertise is packaged with flexible options that will work for all different types of businesses and all different sized businesses, whatever your marketing budget.


There is no magic bullet when it comes to an effective online presence. We believe innovation, creativity and hard work are the key ingredients to attract your target audience and turn these leads into tangible sales.

The A-Team

Lauren Beaufils

Lauren Beaufils

Business & Marketing Manager (BCom)


Adara Neradil

Adara Neradil



Dan Wood

Dan Wood

Web & Software Developer


Lydia Hawke

Lydia Hawke

Content Strategist (BA (Hons) ELL)


Chloe Ellis

Chloe Ellis

SEO/PPC Analyst (BCom)


Jaiya Aryal

Jaiya Aryal

Account Executive


Ory Purhonen

Ory Purhonen




Community Involvement

At Webics, we want to give back to the community that has long supported us, our beloved Shoalhaven. In this region and sometimes further afield, we strive to get involved with non-profit organisations and other charitable causes–those that we know will make a difference to Australians and their families.



Noah's Challenge




Oliver Tiyce Bike & Car Show


Shoalhaven Women's Conference


Shoalhaven River Festival


Shoalhaven Duck Dash


South Coast Youth Leadership Forum


Shoalhaven Business Chamber




Jervis Bay & Basin Arts Inc




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