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Why we recommend Google Workspace for email hosting

While some of our clients still use cPanel to host their emails, we strongly recommend to all our clients that they switch to Google Workspace. Why? One of the main problems with hosting email services on a server that also hosts websites is unreliability. Lost emails = lost business, so if you can’t afford to lose revenue, it might be time to move your emails over to Google Workspace. Here’s what you need to know. 

Downsides to hosting email on a web server 

Hosting emails on a web server that hosts web pages has many downsides and is full of complexities. These include: 

  • Inconsistent and slow. These problems are even worse when the server is located in another country.
  • IP’s are sometimes blocked by third-party providers.
  • If your web server goes down, so do your emails.
  • Less portable – Most providers require you to use POP3 rather than IMAP, which means your emails don’t sync on other devices.

Advantages of Google Workspace 

Google Workspace allows you to have a professional email address – YourName@yourcompany – as well as group email addresses so your whole team can see an email if they need to. Other advantages of Google Workspace include:

  • IMAP emails allow synchronized use on multiple devices.
  • Reliability. Google’s IP’s are never blocked by any third parties, so you’ll never miss an email. 
  • Less spam. Spam is filtered through Google’s robust spam detection system.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
  • Extra security options.
  • More storage and administrative control for user accounts.
  • User-friendly Gmail interface on desktop and mobile (or you can use an email client like Outlook).
  • You can reply from your domain-based email addresses – accounts@yourcompany.
  • Your email will function even if your website is down. 

Are there any disadvantages of Google Workspace? 

No, not really. We charge the same price as Google ($8.40+GST per user per month for Google Workspace Basic) and ($16.80+GST per user per month for Google Workspace Business). If you need support included with your email, we also offer a range of support packages, or we can tailor one suited to your specific needs. 

Can I migrate my old emails into Google Workspace? 

Yes, all your old emails can be moved across to your new host. We charge a fee based on the number of accounts that need to be migrated. 

What else is included with Google Workspace?

Google Workspace allows you to get all your work done in one place. With popular apps like Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Drive, Chat and Meet, you can collaborate in real-time, with your colleagues, or with people outside your company. 

View the full list of applications included with Google Workspace. 

If you would like to chat to someone about moving away from cPanel/hosted emails, give the support team at Webics a call or send them an email


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