7 Reasons to Build Your Email List

Your email list is a powerful tool, whether you are a blogger or a business. Unfortunately, an inordinate number of businesses miss out on this opportunity, focusing instead on social media, traditional advertising, or other approaches. When it comes to creating an online presence for your business, an email list may be the most important factor of all (perhaps vying for that title with SEO). If you have already begun building an email list, you’re on the right track. Even if you’re not sending regular emails yet, the initial process of growing the list is essential. Still not sure an email list is right for your business? Read on for 7 reasons that just might change your mind.

  1. Email lets you get right in front of your prospects, over and over.

In the overwhelming world of social media updates and news blasts, it is so easy for information to get lost. Yet for all the clutter, email remains a remarkably organised method of communication, and studies show that most people still read emails first thing in the morning, and often check their inbox throughout the day. Instead of hoping you show up in their feed, why not send an email directly to your list? These targeted reminders ensure you have a chance to grab their attention (and bring them back to your website) multiple times.

  1. Email is definitely not dead.

Some make the claim that “email is dead.” But while other marketing approaches may be effective, there’s one thing that is true of nearly every Internet user: they all have an email address. It’s clear that email is alive and well. Signing up for social media platforms or other services requires users to have an email address, and as the statistics have shown, people are still reading their messages. So while your prospective customers might not be on every social platform, chances are extremely high that they are using email.

  1. Your email list is your own: you’re in charge.

You can gather endless followers on Facebook and Twitter, but at the end of the day, these platforms are not your own. Though unlikely, they could disappear at any moment. Your account could be shut down for various reasons. Those followers would be gone with the wind. Conversely, your email list belongs to you. Secure storage is important to ensure no data loss, but ultimately, you can do what you want with your list with no threat of unexpected lack of access. Why not build this incredibly valuable tool that is 100% yours?

  1. An email gives you a 2nd, 3rd, (and hopefully, indefinite) chance to get your audience’s attention.

Didn’t make a sale the first time a prospective customer visited your site? If they signed up to your email list, you’re in luck. Perhaps they were interested but were not at that moment ready to buy. With targeted emails that respond to a customer’s buying patterns, as well as general email blasts sharing sales, events, etc., you get the opportunity to catch your prospect’s attention again: and hopefully this will be at the very moment they are ready to make a purchase.

  1. Emails provide a personal connection to your customer, and injects personality into your brand.

Social media updates can feel as though a brand is shouting into the chaos. It’s more of a challenge in such cases to present a personalised image. Yet email is a one-on-one interaction (even if the message is sent in bulk) and this can have a much better impact on your potential clients. Targeted email marketing gives you the chance to do this to an even greater extent. Not only that, but the individualised approach means that businesses can present a more engaged side of their own brand, in a sense giving a face and a personality to the business.

  1. A more promising rate of return than other marketing methods.

Someone subscribed to your email list is already at least somewhat interested in what you have to say. This means their interest will be piqued when receiving a new email from you. And the statistics are here to back it up. Compared with direct mail, email marketing has a much better ROI. Email marketing: 28.5%. Direct mail: 7%.

  1. Email offers the chance for time-sensitive information (events, promotions, etc).

Have a special event coming up? Perhaps you’re releasing an exciting new product. There’s no better way to shout the news to your audience than via email. This reaches them directly in their inbox and with a catchy subject, you’ll be certain to incite interest. With email marketing automation, you can be sure to time these emails to perfectly coincide with your event, product release, or with special holidays.

Ready to start building your email list? Get in touch with our team at Webics for more details on growing your business.


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