If you want to drive high-value, carefully targeted traffic to your website and don’t have time to wait, Pay-Per-Click Advertising will give you excellent ROI. A well-managed PPC campaign will generate more leads, grow your brand and increase your revenue quickly. As a trusted Google Partner, we design our campaigns to make the most of your marketing dollar and outclass the competition. You set the goal and we deliver the results.


PPC campaigns that drive conversions

6% of PPC ad spend fails to produce a single conversion, and a click without a conversion is a waste of money. That’s why our campaign strategies are designed to obtain conversions not clicks. Our average conversion rate sits 260.39% higher than the industry average of 4.4%, giving you maximum return for your investment.

We Put Your Ads Where Your Customers Are

All marketing needs to reach the right audience if it has any chance of success. That’s why we spend time getting to know your business and your marketing objectives. We follow a five-step process to make sure your target audience sees your ads when they are searching for your product or service.

Identify business objectives – Do you want to increase sales, improve brand awareness, gain more leads or a combination of these?
Keyword research – We identify keywords that your target audience are searching for and will bring the best enquiries. They may not always be the obvious ones!


Competitor and market analysis – Data is key to PPC success, so our analysts find out who your competitors are and what their strategy is.
Campaign creation – We write quality ad copy relevant to your audience with consistent, compelling messages.
Testing and optimisation – Every aspect of your campaign is monitored and tested. During our weekly optimisations, we refine the strategy if results aren’t as expected.

Stand Out From the Crowd With a Google Partner

When you partner with Webics you will spend less and outperform your competition. We treat your advertising dollars as if they were our own, making sure no clicks are wasted and your budget is only spent on customers interested in your products and services. With millions of dollars of ad spend under our belt, a Google Partner Certification, and hundreds of happy clients, our results speak for themselves.


We also understand that sometimes you just need to speak to someone about your campaign. That’s why we assign you a dedicated PPC account manager based right here in Australia. Your account manager can answer all your questions and provide an update on your ad spend and campaign performance. Transparency is always part of our policy.


Our PPC services & inclusions

We create better digital experiences to set your brand apart

Google Ads

Whether it’s search, display, remarketing or social media ads, we know how to reach the right people on the right platforms to bring more visitors to your site and generate sales.

Google Shopping

Our marketing strategists can help you get qualified leads by utilising Google shopping, growing your reach for potentials customers.

Display & Remarketing

Part of our Paid Ads section, remarketing is a great tool for brand awareness once a user has visited your website, helping to bring more traffic to your website.

Microsoft Advertising

Just like Google Ads, Bing Ads are great for maximising online conversions and boosting sales. They provide another search base to reach your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest difference between Local SEO and regular SEO is that Local SEO focuses on improving your business's visibility in Google for a specific geographic location. This is particularly important for brick and mortar businesses like shops, restaurants and cafes.

Google My Business is a free online tool that helps make your business more visible in Google. A Google My Business Listing is an essential tool for every business because it helps local customers find you when they are looking for your products or services. For example, if you are a pizza restaurant in Nowra and someone Google's 'Pizza Delivery Nowra' or 'Pizza Delivery Near Me,' you want your business to appear on the map with the 3 listings underneath it. These are the top three local results. If a customer shares their location with Google they will automatically see businesses that are nearby.

Once your Google My Business listing is active, you need to add as much information as possible. This includes photographs, reviews, a list of your services, contact information and regular posts. A completed listing will appear higher in local rankings than an incomplete one.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term strategy to improve a website’s organic rankings in the search engine results pages. PPC is a paid search engine marketing method to run advertisements for relevant keywords in the search results. 

Webics operates so that your advertising budget is paid directly to the platform. This enables complete transparency, so you can easily distinguish between advertising spend and management costs.

Because the ad answered their query or they are already familiar with the brand. That's why it is vital that your PPC campaign targets the right people with the right information at the right time.

ROI is subjective, so it does depend on what specific goals you have set for your business. The good news is that almost all PPC campaigns have an instant impact. They also generate a lot of data, so it is easy to see what is working and what isn't, all of which will be detailed in your monthly report.

Absolutely, but not for free. We will provide a quote for the number of concepts you would like to see and set to work once the deposit has been paid.

We understand what you had in your head may not be what we have in ours. It happens. That's why we detail how many revisions are included in your quote. We will work closely with you during these revision rounds to make sure we get the design right.

Yes, you will, but payment must be received in full first!

Yes, we design and print business cards for businesses all over Australia.

Yes, printing is a service we offer. We have a good working relationship with a number of local printers in Sydney, Wollongong and Nowra that we know produce excellent quality products. Please ask about printing when you enquire and we will include the cost and timeframe in your quote.

We will provide print ready PDF, EPS,  JPG, and PNG files.

It depends on who your target audience is and what platform they use. Generally speaking, Instagram and Facebook are the most used social media platforms and you can define your demographics to target specific groups of users. TikTok has a much younger user base (13-24 year-olds make up the largest percentage of users) while Twitter users tend to have more education and higher incomes than the general population and is a popular platform for breaking news, customer service and politics.

Remarketing (sometimes called retargeting) is a way of displaying ads to people who have already visited your website. Your ads effectively "follow" them across the internet as they browse Google and its partner websites 

Yes, remarketing through social media is possible. For Facebook and Instagram, this is done through the installation of a Facebook Pixel on your website.

A Facebook Pixel is a tracking code that you add to your website so you can track conversions from Facebook Ads, optimise your campaigns, create custom audiences and gain rich insights into website traffic. 

The 2 billion logged-in monthly users are probably the best reason! It is also the world's second most popular website (second only to Google). You can choose from Display Ads, Overlay Ads, Skippable Video Ads and Non-Skippable Video Ads.

Yes, and it's incredibly effective for reaching a professional audience. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to run campaigns that have clearly defined goals such as brand awareness, generating leads, website visits, video views or increasing engagement. Choose from Sponsored Content Ads, Sponsored InMail (targeted messages are delivered to LinkedIn member inboxes), Text Ads and Video Ads.

Social media advertising refers to paid ads that target a specific audience on social media. A social media post is content that you share with your followers. This content can be 'boosted' by paying a fee to reach people who don't follow your account.

It depends on the results you want and what your marketing budget is. We can work with you to determine an appropriate budget to reach your goals.

We have a range of packages starting from $199 + GST per month (+ initial setup fee). The minimum workable budget (paid directly to Google) is $500 per month.

SEO requires an investment of time and money before you get results. It is a long-term strategy that involves setting up your website properly and optimising your content. With Google Ads, you only pay when people click on your ad. Both are important, but Google Ads is a much quicker way of bringing targeted traffic to your website.

The root cause of most failed Google Ads campaigns is poor management. Running a Google Ads campaign without an in-depth knowledge of the platform usually results in burning through money fast and unnecessarily. Inappropriate search terms, not enough A/B testing, poor landing page design and ineffective copy are just some of the reasons why your campaign may not have delivered the results you expected.

You can, but you might want to re-read the previous FAQ first. Setting up and managing a successful Google Ads campaign requires a significant investment of your time and that's assuming you've done the background learning. As a Google Partner, we have passed all the Google Ads product certification exams and are up-to-date with all the latest changes and metrics.

There are 5 types of campaigns available On Google Ads.

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Shopping Campaign
  • App Campaign  

Once you know what the goal of your campaign is you'll be able to select a campaign type. We can advise you on which campaign type will deliver the best results for your business.

Optimisation ensures you are targeting the right audience at the right time with the right product or service, increasing your conversion rate and saving you money. 

There are several reasons why your ads might not be showing including:

  • Your daily budget has been reached
  • You are located outside the targeted area
  • Your ad may be scheduled to only run at certain times of the day

If you repeatedly search for your ad without clicking, Google may recognise your computer and stop showing you the ad because it thinks you are not interested.  

Google Ads is incredibly powerful when it comes to leveraging user data. These are just some of the Google Ads Metrics that can be tracked.

  • Impressions
  • Overall Cost
  • Number Of Clicks
  • Average Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Number Of Conversions
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Impressions By Campaign
  • Overall Click-Through-Rate (CTR) 
  • CTR by Ad Groups
  • CTR By Campaigns

Generally speaking, we would expect you to start seeing impressions and clicks within the first few days of your campaign starting. Leads and conversions will increase over time with continual optimisation. 

There is nothing stopping a competitor from bidding against your brand as long as they don't mention your trademarked name in their ad copy.

Yes, eCommerce SEO is critical if you want to boost your sales and stay ahead of your competitors.

The main difference between eCommerce SEO and normal SEO are the keywords. Content optimisation techniques used on eCommerce SEO are similar to non eCommerce sites, but the keywords will be product-focused and transactional in nature.

Yes, Shopify is well-equipped for SEO and we can help you optimise your eCommerce store even more.

We have a range of SEO packages suited to the needs of different businesses. For an eCommerce site we would recommend either our Standard or Advanced package.

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has 3.5% of the search market share, coming in second to Google. Microsoft Advertising is typically cheaper and can be more profitable as there is less competition.

While we can create and run advertising campaigns on each of these platforms separately, we typically recommend utilising both to capture as much market share as possible.

The stats vary but it's not an insignificant number. Some reports suggest that almost half of the US runs a Bing search every month. There are over 2 billion Windows devices in the world and Bing is the default browser for Microsoft Edge, so whichever way you look at it there is a lot of traffic being directed Microsoft's way. 

No, you can define your target audience by country, city or within a certain radius.

Getting started is easy, all you have to do is give us a call or email to discuss your objectives and our team can curate a solution to meet your needs.

Shopping ads may be displayed across a range of places on the internet, including:

  • The Shopping tab on Google Search
  • Google Search, next to the search results and Google Images
  • Google Search Partner websites (optional)
  • The Google Display Network, which includes YouTube, Gmail and Google Discover

Google Merchant Center is a tool we use to upload shop and product data to Google and make it available for Shopping ads and other Google services.

Shopping ads use Merchant Centre product data – not keywords – to decide how and where to show your ads.

Shopping ads show a photo of your product, plus a title, price, store name and more.

Like other Google Ad campaign types, shopping ads also partake in an ad auction. Product shopping ads are charged on a cost-per-click basis and Showcase Shopping ads are charged using cost-per-engagement (CPE) bidding.

Remarketing is a highly effective marketing strategy for businesses across all industries and is successful at supporting the conversion process.

No. Customers are assigned a cookie ID, they are random and non-identifiable.

Webics makes remarketing ads easy! All you have to do is give us a call or email to discuss your marketing objectives. We'll then do some research and curate a solution that’s tailored to your needs.

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