Google Workspace is the best business email solution available on the market. We use it and we recommend it to all our clients. Google Workspace allows you and your employees to have domain-based email addresses ( and gives you access to Google’s suite of apps including Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Chat and Meet, all of which are indispensable when it comes to running a modern business.

Access your email anywhere from any device

With Google Workspace, your team can access their emails and documents from any location without any additional setup. Simply sign in on your phone, tablet, laptop or home computer, and all your files will be available. Using a cloud-based service like Google Workspace means all your data is safely stored in Google Drive so you never have to worry about saving your files and documents to your computer.

Easy Team Collaboration

Google Workspace makes collaborative work easy. Whether you’re working on written content in Docs, a spreadsheet in Sheets or a presentation in Slides, real-time edits allow multiple people to work on the same document at the same time with all changes saved in the cloud. You remain in control, with advanced access rules allowing you to allocate reading, editing or commenting capabilities to individual users.


Never Miss a Meeting With Shared Calendars

Google’s calendar feature allows everyone in your team to have their own calendar, as well as access to shared calendars. Create calendars for client meetings, annual leave, social activities, special events or HR appointments that your whole team can see. Calendar integrates seamlessly with all other Google Workspace apps, so you can easily send out invites through Gmail and put Hangout links in the calendar event.

Our inclusions
  • Clear pricing plans
  • Personalised email addresses
  • Technical support
  • Easy set-up, migration & management
  • Full access to word processing web applications
  • Access your files from anywhere
  • Unlimited storage space with Google Workspace Business
  • Cloud search
  • Access to Google Workspace Learning Centre

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Frequently Asked Questions

We charge the same price as Google - $8.40+GST per user per month for Google Workspace Basic and $16.80+GST per user per month for Google Workspace Business. Additional support can be charged hourly or with a support plan.

Google Workspace allows you to have a professional email address  – YourName@yourcompany – as well as group email addresses so your whole team can see an email if they need to. Google Workspace also comes with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, extra security options, more storage and administrative control for user accounts.

Yes, we charge a fee based on the number of accounts that need to be moved across. 

The most popular apps include Calendar, Docs, Drive, Chat and Meet. View the full list of applications included with Google Workspace.

Yes, you can upgrade your basic plan to a business plan at any time. Just contact us to change the plan.

Yes, you can create multiple email aliases such as contact@yourcompany or customerservice@yourcompany

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