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Every website is designed to achieve different goals, but If you don’t put your user’s needs first, your website is unlikely to achieve the results you want it to. Whether you want to increase sales, capture more leads or inform your audience, you need to start with the user. Don’t know who your users are or what their needs are? We can help.

Design Is More Than Looks; It's About How It Works

First impressions matter and a successful website needs to be visually appealing and echo your brand identity and business goals. But if your website isn’t fit for purpose, users will leave within seconds. Technical front-end and back-end details are essential to a functioning website, and only a professional developer will be able to fine-tune these to maximise the user experience.

A DIY website may seem appealing if you are only looking at the upfront cost, but over time, these basic template websites will end up losing you money and compromising your credibility. A modern WordPress website from Webics is customised to attract your target market and put the most important information where users can find it. We emphasise your brand and make it easy for your customers to take action, whether that be a purchase, an enquiry, commenting, sharing or downloading.

Why a professional website?

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Google Loves an Optimised Website

A strong SEO strategy is the best way to achieve long term success online. Most users will never look past Google’s first page, so you need to be where your customers are.
SEO success is not an overnight process. It requires a full evaluation of your market and the implementation of a data-driven content strategy that is regularly reevaluated and updated. Even if your site currently has good user engagement and is performing well in search results, outdated or poorly optimised content will see your site lose credibility and rankings over time.  Webics’ approach to SEO is multifaceted. We integrate tried and tested SEO techniques with other digital marketing strategies to form a powerful campaign that increases your search visibility and directs qualified traffic to your site. Like our websites, our SEO strategies are designed for users first and search engines second so your website reaches the people who truly matter.
Why SEO?

Work with a Google Partner for a Competitive Edge

Webics is a certified Google Partner which signifies that we are Google Ads experts. Google Partner Badges aren’t just handed out, they have to be earned. To keep their status as certified analysts, our search marketing strategists have to complete a series of courses and pass exams at regular intervals to ensure they have the most up-to-date knowledge.

A Google Partner agency must also demonstrate a higher level of spending and meet rigorous performance criteria. When you work with a Google Partner, you will be working with an agency that meets Google’s current best practice standards. You receive a higher level of customer service and an account manager that has an in-depth knowledge of creating, testing and optimizing ads to grow your business.

Measure Your Return on Investment with Paid Ads

If you want to grow your audience and increase your sales, PPC Ads are an excellent option. Pay-Per-Click Advertising helps you take advantage of existing demand for your products and services by targeting highly specific audiences who meet predefined criteria such as interests, location, keywords, age and previous searches. Paid Ads take the guesswork out of online marketing because results are easy to measure. We never take chances with your money. We analyse the data to ensure you only pay for quality and strategic placements that will help you get ahead.

Why paid ads?

Build Relationships & Get Noticed with Social Media

If you want to get your brand noticed, social media marketing is an indispensable tool. Social media allows you to easily reach a huge audience and interact with them directly at a fraction of the cost of other marketing techniques.

With an entire generation now immune to the traditional sales techniques used in print ads, TV commercials and radio advertisements, an effective social media strategy needs to be informative, friendly and inviting – never pushy. Content needs to be valuable and targeted to address ever-shortening attention spans.

Webics can help you build relationships with your customers and get your message across through meaningful content that keeps customers engaged. Our social media campaigns are designed to increase your exposure while building brand loyalty and credibility. We release content on a strategic schedule and carefully target Ads to attract new audiences and celebrate existing ones.

Why Social Media Marketing?

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