How to Avoid Opt-out Through an Effective Email Newsletter

How to Avoid Opt-outs Through an Effective Email Newsletter

With so many marketing campaigns circulating the Internet it’s hard to compete especially when your message is similar to the first person in line. It’s difficult to get a captive audience unless you have already established a strong relationship with your customers.

Nonetheless, you should not be discouraged as there are many ways to make your message valuable and to stand out from the crowd.

One very effective tool that can make a difference in your digital marketing campaign is an email newsletter.

When people opt-in and provide you with their email address, it means that they are giving you permission to make an offer. The option to become part of your subscribers’ list didn’t come from you it came from them.  It means that they saw something interesting and if you’re able to keep that interest going, there’s every possibility that they will convert.

However, with email newsletter campaigns, you have to be very careful with what you send your subscribers. You must have a clear strategy in place for it to become an effective part of your marketing plan.

So how can you make email newsletters more effective? Here are some best practices to avoid opt-out and increase click-through and conversion.

Take Time to Customise Your Email Newsletter

Design that is appealing to the eye makes a good impression. It not only attracts your target market to your newsletter. It also projects a good image about your business. It reminds them of who you are and what you can do for them.

Keep in mind that a good business image builds trust and confidence amongst your audience. This helps them decide whether you are worth their time or not.

Don’t think that it is a waste to customise your newsletter. You don’t have to look far for inspiration as if you have an effective website you should base your design on that. This will keep things consistent and help build your brand. Always step into your target market’s shoes and keep their likes and dislikes in mind. The newsletter is for them so they need to be able to connect with the design.

Be Clear and Concise and Highlight Your Main Message

Most people will just skim and look for important keywords in your email newsletter.

If it is too long and there are many unnecessary stories that are of no interest to your audience, they will skip reading your newsletter altogether.

Make each and every part of your newsletter relevant. Be clear with your message and make it at short as possible.

Additionally and just so they won’t miss what you want to convey, highlight those important messages. Make them part of the main title or subheadings. That way your readers will immediately get your message even if they skip reading the main news or story.

Regulate Sending Frequency

Communication is important especially when you want to establish a strong relationship with your target market. However, when sending emails, too much communication may be viewed as spamming.

Thus, it is better to regulate the frequency of sending email newsletters. Make it seasonal or send them when you have important news or stories to convey. Better yet, create a calendar so you can monitor and plan all email sending activities including newsletters.

Our memories are short. So while you don’t want to spam your audience you need to make sure that a long period of time doesn’t lag between newsletters.

Integrate Clickable Widgets or Shareable Buttons

Clickable widgets or shareable buttons are great tools to increase your followers or subscribers.

Carefully place your website link in your newsletter for immediate access to your website so the reader can click if they find something of interest. Likewise, place links so the subscriber can share your newsletter or its content in social media platforms or follow your social media accounts.


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