Steps to double your online business leads

When setting up a new website the ultimate goal is to achieve more sales via traffic and leads.

If these visitors aren’t qualified and converted to sales then your time effort and money has been wasted.

You have managed to attract users to your website, but knowing what to do with them when they get there is the art of converting your leads into sales and revenue.

Market research

Knowing your industry is key to generating leads into sales. You can’t just sit back and treat every market the same as each consumer has different buying patterns and decisions. Take a automotive market and the grocery market. Buying trends will differ greatly due to the price points of the products and the general need for the purchase.

Understand your market inside out and create a custom strategy around that market that should reflect on your sales.

Direct Response

The call to action is the most important part of your website as without easy to find, strong call to actions, how do you expect your user to convert? If a visitor leaves your website without making a purchase or filling out a contact form it is clear you haven’t asked for their business.

Every page, every piece of your content and every element of your website must tell that visitor that you want them to take action and become a paying customer.

Knowing buying trends

Research into your industry and knowing what your visitors are buying is another important point of converting business. There is no point in having thousands of products or pointless information with no clear message or a product that will ultimately sell.

Reduce the amount of items on your website that are stale sellers as it will only scare potential clients off.


We do slipt testing because we want to convert visitors into paying customers. Trusting your own instinct or doing it because it looks pretty isn’t going to generate revenue.

Split testing allows businesses to strategise and focus on what their client base is looking for in their market segment.


Conversion friendly website – for PC, Mobile and Tablet

Conversion friendly websites will increase your client’s response and generate sales and new business. By ensuring that your website is easy to navigate, strong easy to read sales copy, even font, headlines, images and is responsive across PC, mobile and tablet are all factors to online business leads.


Converting business leads online

Once the steps are taken to increase your business leads online you will be able to measure the success in the areas of your business. If the reception line is ringing off the hook with new enquiries, contact forms are being submitted via your website and your sales team are generating new sales that have not been developed via business development strategies you can measure that the strategies you have taken to generate and convert new business is working.


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