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Improving Display CTR: Google Display Ad Builder

The best practice for building your ads with the Display Ad Builder.

The AdWords Display Ad Builder – A point and click ad builder sounds simple enough, but there is a lot that can be done to optimise your ads, improve your CTR and ultimately maximise your ROI.

The Display Ad Builder gives advertisers the ability to easily and quickly customise ads. You want results as soon as possible so this tool allows you to make an impact on your target market and improve your click through rate. All you need to do is edit a template with a tool so simple that anybody could use it. This post will cover the best practice for optimising your ads.

The perfect call to action

In image based ad design it is particularly necessary create an obvious call to action, this will usually come in the form of a button. Although your entire image ad is clickable, many internet users will not know this, some will not even understand that it is an advertisement. Therefore it is essential that your call to action explains what they stand to gain from clicking on your ad. Rather than ‘Click Here’, you call to action should read ‘Get Started’ or ‘Find Out More’. A call to action which says ‘Buy Now’ or insinuates the handing over of money, will typically have a less than fantastic click through rate because it is selling them a product rather than a solution to their problem.

Choosing ad color

The colors you choose to include in you display ad can make the difference between gaining a customer and missing out on a customer. It is really important that you remember your ad needs to be easy to read and it has to stand out even just at a glance. Now this does not mean you should be using super bright colors that you would expect to see in a 1980’s marathon. It just means that you should be wary about the amount of contrast in your ads, the important elements need to stand out from the background.

Using images in display ads

Using your own images in a display ad can in some cases be greatly beneficial to click through rates. In saying that, doing it the wrong way can land you a horrible click through rate and leave your target market with a bad impression of your business.

As a general rule, never upload an image into the ad builder which is not a transparent PNG format file. If you can’t quite afford Adobe Photoshop or are just not ready to invest in it or a similar program, try using a free online image editing tool such as Splashup. If you are not comfortable with image editing and have no option but to use a regular non-transparent image, ensure that the template background is the same shade as the background of the image.

Balancing the content of your ad

The images and text that make up your ad should be balanced properly depending on the size of the ad. Keep in mind that the images you upload into the ad builder may be great images, but are not clear and concise after being resized to fit the ad.

Making the effort to present your ad as if you have an in-house graphic designer can skyrocket the results of your online display advertising. Take the time to build a fantastic ad with the AdWords Display Ad Builder and give yourself the best chance at achieving the results you aspire to.

Sources: Google Support.


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