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What Search Engine Optimisation can do for YOU

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has an ever-increasing cult following. Since the dawn of the Internet age, it has been the number one ally of many Internet marketers. However, many are wary of employing SEO techniques especially those with little knowledge about the subject.

For those of you who are in the dark and wondering what SEO can do for your website, here are some insights.

I am a Search Engine and I Have my Own Language

Who indexes your website? Definitely not humans! They are called searchbots. These crawlers and spiders look at squillions of interconnected content in the web. They follow an insane amount of links and decipher codes that our human minds cannot fathom.

These bots also rank the links and codes by degree of importance. When a search is made, search engines can immediately return with results that are relevant and important to the searcher’s query.

This is how your website is indexed. If your website pages are not optimised for search engines, crawlers and spiders will not be able to read codes and keywords embedded in your website. There is a great possibility that you will not appear in top rankings when queries related to your products or services are made. Simply put, you risk wasting your money on a website that is unindexable.

Your Website is Just a Speck in Amongst Multitudes

Given that your website has been indexed by search engines, how will you be able to gain a strong web presence and become visible to your target market?

Remember that there are billions of websites in the World Wide Web. During July 2013, indexed an estimated range of 33 – 46 billion pages based on Google and Bing’s statistics. Mind you, these are just indexed pages. Unindexed pages are still unaccounted for.

Your website is a speck in a wide and infinite galaxy. So how can you compete with other websites when you are just one amongst billions? How can search engines index your web pages in order for you to be visible online?

Only one answer comes to mind and that is SEO.

If you have a website, existing customers may be able to find it without great difficulty. However, you want to reach potential customers who do not know about you. Most of these people will be using search engines to look for products or
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services that are similar to yours. If your website is not search engine optimised, you’ll be plain lucky if a potential customer finds you.

Create a Borderless Market

In Australia alone, there are more than 19 million Internet users according to New Media Trend Watch. Outside of Australia, there are millions more users that your target market could be amongst. How can you reach your market that is untapped and that seems unreachable? A search engine optimised website can help you with that. The web can give you endless possibilities of reaching out to those markets that you want to engage. A web design company with professional search engine optimisation services in Australia will help your business immensely.

Undeniably, a web company that specialises in SEO strategies can help you target a niche marketplace in different parts of the globe or strengthen your position against bigger brands and competitors in Australia.

Remember, even if your business is local and competing against well-known companies, you can still be on top as long as you integrate high quality SEO techniques into your website.


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