The role social networks play in the spread of fake news has never been under more scrutiny than now. As the world struggles to contain the spread of COVID-19, ensuring accurate facts from official sources reach as many people as possible is crucial to keeping populations safe. Facebook has been under pressure to crack down on content violations and the spread of misinformation since the 2016 presidential campaign and they have slowly been changing their policies to help people understand more about the pages they interact with.  Late last year, the grey verification was removed in an effort to weed out fake pages and whole networks of fraudulent pages spreading propaganda. This move has increased interest in the elusive blue verification badge and what the requirements are to get one.

How To Get The Facebook Blue Tick

It’s not particularly hard to apply to get a blue verification badge on Facebook, but there are strict criteria including:
  • Authentic (no fake names or businesses)
  • Unique (one account per person or business – no general interest pages will be verified)
  • Complete (make sure all sections of your profile are filled in, you have a profile photo and there is at least one post)
The most difficult requirement to meet is proving that the page represents something or someone “Notable.” Examples include:
  • A well-known or often searched for person (celebrities, actors and musicians for example)
  • Recognised brands or entities (examples include fashion and beauty brands, supermarkets, schools and government organisations)
If you don’t meet the criteria, you can still let people know your account is authentic by posting regularly, completing all sections of your profile (including contact information) and linking to your website and/or other social accounts.

Where Do I Apply For A Verified Badge?

Once you’ve logged into your personal Facebook page or Business page, you can access the application form through the Help Centre. You’ll need to have some official documentation ready to upload as well. Examples include:
  • Utility bill (business account)
  • ATO documentation (business account)
  • Passport (personal account)
  • Driver’s licence (personal account)
  • Identification card (personal account)
You’ll receive a notification once Facebook has made a decision. If your request is denied, you can apply again in 30 days. The best advice we can give you is to provide as much information as possible and make sure it is accurate. Facebook will remove verified badges where false information has been provided and may take further action to delete the account if a serious breach has occurred. Never engage with anyone offering to sell you a verified badge. This does not work!

Why Can’t I Get A Blue Tick Verification Badge? 

The simple answer is because you don’t meet the criteria. Facebook looks at a whole range of factors to determine whether a page is of interest to the public and/or serves a purpose. Paying for your account to be mentioned on news or promotional sites will not help your chances. Want to improve your social media presence? Talk to Webics about our social media packages and start getting real, measurable results across multiple platforms. 

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